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LotsaSmiles said
Six years ago, I moved to a new city. I didn't know anyone but the cousin that I moved in with. I joined FriendFinder mostly just to meet people to hang out with: I hadn't really considered the dating angle. After a few weeks, I met Brandon. We instantly clicked and I knew immeidately that he was the one for me. He felt the same way. We recently married and are really enjoying our new life together. If not for FriendFinder, I wouldn't have met my soulmate. Thank you, FriendFinder.
Joanne232 said
After my ex-fiancé left me for another woman, and home alone with my two young children I decided to give FriendFinder a go, not really expecting a relationship out of it, just to meet new people. I have made an incredible network of friends and one bloke caught my attention. I acknowledged an interest in him and we started to write. We eventually decided to exchange phone numbers. He nervously rang me and we talked for hours, until his phone battery went flat. We went out on our first date together to the movies and I immediately saw him for the person he really was. Not long after we fell in love. He has loved my children from day one, and always wants to see me. We moved in together about 6 months ago, and he has since asked me to marry him. If it hadn't been for me signing up for FriendFinder, or even clicking on at he right time I may have never found my soul mate. I love him and would like to thank FriendFinder for making this possible. And to those who are thinking about joining, give it a go, you will definitely gain heaps of friends, and who knows...maybe you will find mister or miss right!
missbubble21 said
I join friendfinder about two years ago after my ex left me and was only looking to meet some friends to talk to. Not only did I meet alot of friends I met BILLY SHAW. He told me that he lived in San Antonio Texas and thats close to where I lived. He also told me that he was in the army and was stationed in Coldarado for the moment but was comming home in July of 2003. Well he came home and we still didnt meet but kepted talking on the phone all the time. Finally Feb.2004 we met and at first we were just friends and everything was great he went to my apartment for a week and stayed, when i moved near Dallas. Then I moved back to the same area and we got together. We split up once but im not going into all that. Now its March 3 2005 and weve been living together for a couple of months and its going great. I hope it stays this way.
Roman0691000 said
A friend of mine told me about FriendFinder, so I decided to take a look at the site for myself,. Once I filled out the details part, I was doing a general search through the women’s details, when out of the blue I found a picture of this amazing-looking woman, I thought how could she not have a partner or husband? To my amazement I found her online in a chat room. She was very shy and wary to begin with, and when we finished talking we exchanged e-mail addresses. We have talked ever since that day and have traveled to one another’s home countries (she is Canadian, I am Australian). When I went there it was my first ever plane flight…talk about going whole hog at something! Now she is the love of my life. We are planning the next part of our journey together, so thank you very much. Your site has helped me find my other half, the half that makes me whole.
gunfighter23uk said
I met angelwing2 on FriendFinder 4 years ago and we have been happily married for almost 3 years now. She originally came from Ohio but now lives in the UK with me. It shows you that FriendFinder can work if you meet the right person. Anyone who is looking for that special person, don't give up, they are out there. THANK YOU FF.
gengirl said
Friendfinder has helped me find the man of my dreams!!! I joined as a gold member (gengirl) on 25th January 2005 and started chatting with singledad367.
After two nights of chatting and organising our first date for the 12th February 2005 we rang each other directly. Our compatibility rating was 100/100 which was a good start. We definitely had so much in common it was as though we had known each other for decades. Our first date was amazing and we both knew we had found our soulmate. The following weekend our children met and could not have got on better. We all spent the entire weekend together and again did not want it to end.
The only obstacle we have now is working out the distance between us, but there will be no keeping us apart now. I was very very hesitant on even setting up my profile on a dating site but I now know that if I hadn't taken the chance with FriendFinder that I would of missed out on the man that now completes me in every way possible. We are both going to enjoy growing old together. As they say you can't appreciate real love till you’ve been burned and we both now know what real love is.
I will be cancelling my membership after such a short time, but I urge all people looking for that special person to give FriendFinder a chance. Be honest on your profile and you too may be as happy as we both are.
Thank you. Thank you.
Belinda (gengirl) & Tony (singledad367)
mrsShaw said
hehe i been a member of friendfinder for way to many years cant even remember how i got on. made many friends in europe where i lived and we used to throw huge bashes for all members to meet face to face was amazing!
4 years ago i started talking to a shaw17 thought he was a sweety and he became one of my closest friends. i lived in belgium and he lives in australia and i thought no point thinking anything more as its jsut to far!
when my cousin went missing shaw17 helped me find her and we got very close on the phone and mails and txt was like we almost finished each others sentences by the end. one of my mates in the uk tied me to a chair and started telling shaw 17 i loved him and wanted to be with him and he replied saying he loved me to! to my shock we started seeing our friendship into way more. 3 years on and moving to australia we have a lovely little home.. got married 22nd march 2003 and have two gorgeous twin boys cheeky as anything since july 2004.
if you seriously wanna find love. dont give up but dont jsut fall for any line.. get to know the person first and if its meant to be deep down inside you will know*smiles*
good luck !!!eve and mathew and the boys from oz LMAO
9balljunkie said
Well...I met her. I met my soulmate.The one I want to spend the rest of my life with. She's smart, beautiful and very loving.We met here on FF and chatted and talked on the phone for at least four months and really got to know eachother and get comfortable.On January 14, 2005 I flew to Finland and met her and her two children for the first time, and it was the best two weeks of my life.Her two children are great and we all got along very well, it was perfect. We fell in love.I guess that ole saying " good things come to those who wait" is true. Thanks FriendFinder.
fortunate96 said
Greatest friends on earth have been a part of my personal network since the first time enrolling! It has been quite awesome as communicating with some of those individuals...
azraarfa said
I married last year on 20th february, 2004. and succeded in pragnanting my wife in our first ..... after nine mouth she deliver me a baby boy, and I named him Mohammed Kabeer.
lovetoone69 said
My name is Emily; I live in South Carolina. One day last year I was visiting a nearby friend. I discovered FriendFinder using my friend's computer and started exploring the chat rooms. It didn't take long for Brian0216 to begin chatting, and we eventually moved from the chat rooms to IM. After talking a few more times on FriendFinder, we exchanged phone numbers. Soon we were talking on the phone regularly. I flew out to California to see him for the first time in November. I knew before I went to California that he was the one for me, and the trip proved it: we had a great time together. We got along so well and we both felt that we were made for each other. Though I flew back home after only a few days, neither Brian or I wanted me to leave. We talked more and more on the phone as each day passed, until finally Brian called me one day and told me that he was moving out to North Carolina to be with me. He moved here in December and we have been together ever since. We were married on January 21, 2004. My life has been wonderful since then. Both Brian and I owe FriendFinder a lot. If it was not for FF, I would not have married the man of my dreams. Thank you again! Emily
happy5534 said
My name is Tracey. When I joined FriendFinder in 2004 I'd been living in Camberra with my boyfriend of six years. I became an FF member because I was having problems with the person I was with. I'd gone online in hopes of meeting someone else: I'd been unhappy for so long! It didn't take long for me to meet people: I found friends in both the Aussie Room and Play Room. I'm still in touch with many of them. One day I thought I would just see what new members had signed in to FriendFinder. The first picture that came up was this man from Vancourver, Washington, in the USA. He was on a motorcycle and was dressed all in leather. It was love at first sight: I could not stop looking at his picture. I invited him to my network, hoping he would accept. He did. We'd been talking on MSN for a while when I told him that I was in love with him and could not live without him. It was a shock for him, but after talking for another week or two - both online and over the phone - he told me he could not live with out me, either. I ended up telling the man I was with how unhappy I'd been, and that I'd fallen in love with the man of my dreams. (Things turned out okay: my ex was a bit hurt but we both decided to go our own ways and are still friends.) A month later, the man I was in love with flew me over to Vancouver so we could be with each other for the rest of our lives. We are in engaged and are going to get married as soon as I get back from my home in Australia - I need to pick up my visa so that can remain in Washington for good. While I gave up my friends and family to make this change, it's been worth it. I've been hurt and unhappy for most of my life and I'm now with the man of my dreams, the man I love so much. Being happy for the first time in my life has been the most amazing gift. I've found the love of my life because of FriendFInder, and I just wanted to say thank you. If you are unhappy, please do something about it! I did, and now my life is amazing. I'll be married by the end of this year. Thank you FF. Tracey. xx
happy5534 said
momma721 said
I've been here for three months and during that time I've met one young lady that I really like. Her name is Tamika. We really clicked: after a few weeks we were talking to each other about everything. One night I took her to a club in Baltimore and she had so much fun dancing! Since then we've been to New York together and have had all sorts of great times. It's wonderful having a new friend.
Roman0691000 said
My story starts on the 18th of December 2003 when, by great chance, I found the most beautiful woman I had ever seen on your site. She lives in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada , a place I’d never heard of, never even knew where it was. Anyway after being very cautious and careful, the lady I was talking too, started to open up to me. It became easier to talk to her and ever since that we have been together. Then in early April, we started talking about me going to Canada to meet her, something I’d never done, I’d never been on a plane before, never been out of the state where i lived, but here i was starting to thing about flying to the other side of the world to meet someone, so on the 26th of July, 1 week after turning 40, i got on the plane for the very first time in my life, and spent 28 wonderful magnificent fantastic days in Canada with the woman that I have grown to love. Now here we are excited that in 4 days she arrives here in Australia, for 28 days of her seeing the country that I live in. We have many decisions to make, but we know that we will be together, whether it be in Canada or here in Australia, THANK YOU FRIENDFINDER, for now I know what its like to have someone that loves me like i can love them.
foxyrider1 said
I've posted...
On 12/1/2003 foxyrider1 said Dear Friendfinder, I over a year ago I started chatting with really amazing guy, though at first we both thought that nothing would ever come of it because we were so different. He was a longhaired, heavy metal, computer geek, with a dark sense of humor and too much cynicism. I a romantic interior designer that loves the blues and riding my Harley, who is always ready to see the good in everyone. Oh, yea did I mention that we lived 3500 miles apart. As crazy as it sounds we somehow fell in love, and in March of this year I moved those 3500 miles to be with him and everything gets better and better everyday. I wanted to tell everyone that every relationship starts with “hello” and our story started with that first “hello” in the chat room on Friendfinder. It went from there to chatting privately for what seemed like forever, then I layed my bike down and he asked for my phone number, he wanted to make sure that I was ok, I gave it to him. We talked for hours (I’m not kidding, about 3200 minutes in one month), after about 2 months of talking both in on the phone, in the chat room and instant messaging back and forth we made plans to meet. We are still very different, I love the sun, people and getting out and being social, he’s more solitary. Preferring to stay home and play with his computer in the dark (hee hee). However it is the things that brought us together that bind us. A deep respect for each other and our differences, I’m fascinated with the way his mind works and can’t see ever figuring it out LOL. He makes me feel like I belong in his arms, cherished, sexy and beautiful. I make him laugh and think he’s sexy smart and worth spoiling. Our story is still unfolding, I can’t wait to see how the pages turn. Oh, my name is foxyrider1 and his xxgood_and_badxx
On 2/20/2004 foxyrider1 said and the story unfolds..........I shared our begining with you 12/1/2003 and last weekend he propposed, of coarse I said YES! The road has been interesting, but we wouldn't be traveling it at all if it wasn't for friendfinder. Thank you, foxyrider1
and on Oct 31 my son walked me down the isle in a wonderful candle light service, where I married the one I waited for my whole life. I wish that there were words to express the joy that I feel, everytime I'm in his arms. It's been a long journy, not just in miles, though I'd say 3600 miles are substantial, but in growing and blending of our lives/lifestyles and families. None of it has been easy, I left a life and friends/family that I loved because I believed in Jason and trusted his love...Now we have built a life/family together, and when people ask us how we met....We both smile and tell them.
WWs_Lupa said
We're looking forward to hearing about your success stories with FriendFinder! If you have met someone special, made new friends, or just have had a great time, and would like to share your story with our other members, please let us know!
lovetoone69 said
I wanted to say thank you to FriendFinder because i have met the man of my dreams.. I met Brian here and he is everything that i have ever wanted for that special someone in my life..
Brian and I have a connection that i have never had in my life before. He knows what I am thinking and I know what he is thinking. We spend hours on the phone enjoying what we have going on for us.. He makes my life complete. We laugh, we cry and most of all we share and talk.
He and I always say that there is someone up there making sure we are together...I truly believe that. I am going in 8 days to see him in California.. I can't wait..
Thank you again, Lovetoone69
june222 said
While I haven't had any love success, I feel I have had success in finding out who I am and what I want, and to me that is real success. Don
quietsweetie said
In nov 1999 I started corresponding with a guy who lived about an hour away from me. We talked almost every either on the phone or by email, but really got to know each other very well... a couple months later, I was working at a video store, putting some movies back on the shelf, when i was approached by a customer, asking my opinion on a certain movie... it took me a moment to register the smirk on his face, when i thought about a conversation i'd had the night before with my new friend, complaining about how horrible this one movie was... turns out, he decided to surprise me at work... since then, we've been the best of friends, visiting, hanging out, partying, sharing sob stories, embarrassing moments, relationships. We've been through several bad relationships during our friendship... but durin the last year or so, we both pretty much gave up on love... figuring we both have too much bad luck... but knowing him for all these years... i've really grown to love and cherish all our time together... feelings for him have grown and i'm super happy to say that we are FINALLY going out and have never been happier :) thank you so much.
Ildiko74 said
True love found in New York I'd been searching for years for the right woman, and I finally found her very close by to me. I'd spent some many nights hitting the bars and the clubs and never having success other than finding problematic relationships.She found my profile and wrote a letter to me with a picture attached. What struck me right away was the picture was of her and her dog. As I'm a big dog lover, I knew we had something in common right from the start.
After speaking on the phone for a couple of weeks, we met in Manhattan on May 3, 2003, for our first date. She was very shy at first, but she opened up as the day progressed. We actually met my sister and her husband by accident in the middle of Manhattan, and I got a nod of approval from them. At any rate, we have now been dating for over a year and we have a great relationship together. There are so many things we have in common, it's almost like I've found a female version of myself. She is the woman I've been waiting my whole life for. Things are going great and we just wanted to say thank you for helping us get together. We'll keep you updated on our progress.
Slappysinclair or Cobthecrazed
TanBead said
I'm so glad that I am on this site. I met this wonderful guy on here. First we talked about activism and then arranged to meet at an enviormental fair. It was great!
faded_dino said
My story is in the magazine article. My husband and I met here and we recommend this sight to anyone we meet that is looking for someone. Please read our article. Love can be found in unusual places. We did it even though we only matched at 13%. XEQTER and FADED_DINOSAUR got married June 13, 2003...just one year to the date that we met face to face and that was just four days after the first e-mail. We are happy and you can be to. Be persistant, don't compromise, and most of all know in your heart that there is someone out there for you.
icecreamsoda said
Hi my name is sophia and met my love of my life on fff I am going to his country and we are going marry and srart a famliy in the usa thanks for your help i love you mehdi
sportsbuff2 said
Hi friendfinder;This is sportsbuff2 and just a short note to thank you for the opportunity of meeting lotus_bloom22 Although we live a great distance apart she in Norway and I in Canada we find ourselves falling in love with one another through our conversations together and are now planning to meet in person. We chat on a daily basis and so look forward to being together. We will keep you updated.Again thank you friendfinder.If it wasn't for you we would have never met.
fatima39 said
i would like to say & to know all chatters here that my bf names is elmer christman he is from florida..his family is known about me & i really happy about that...i am really pray that my relation to him is going strong ...even both of us is faraway...
elmer is really kind..he loves me so much and me too i love him so much..
i would like to say to my beloved sweetheart..that he is the only one of my life..forever more for the rest of my life
Chessplayer2004 said
Unbelievable! We really won´t think that it could be happened .Both of us never expect that through Friendfinder we will be bound to be husband and wife.
It was December 17 2003 one day after my birthday, I was playing chess internationally in one of the games in the internet but at the same time I click to open my profile in Friend finder, a lot of them click my name and wants to talk , but I didn´t got interest to talk to them, until Willy click my name and ask if I wanna play checkers with him.
I was so snob to say ; I ask him if he has any problem with his eyes or he need a new eye glass.I told him it is written "Chessplayer 2004."
He sent message of apologized so sweet and gentle and I could not explained my feeling why I got interest to talk to him on the phone. Wow! he kicked my heart with his voice and he said I kicked his heart too with my voice, although it seems Iam too strick to wrote a message, as he said.
Until we found our self a long communication on the internet, although we have 9 hours difference (Canada-Germany).
He show himself on the webcamera.I refuses to show myself on the web camera.Which touch me so much coz we were talking on the internet everyday I can see him but he never force me to see on the web camera.
Until I decided to let him see me on the web camera, to be not unfair .
He was really surprized , and we decided to meet each other .I took my 3 weeks holiday in Canada and he took a 3 weeks vacation in his work too. We felt we really mean to each other. I went back to Germany we are engage already. after 1 month I went back to Canada and July 22, 2004 we got married in Port Coquitlam, BC Canada
We owe a lot from Friendfinder, with Faith in GOD!
Thanks so much!!
Willy and Sally
ClassyClaudia4_2 said
Hi! I am sitting here next to my finace`, Brent Golay, who was a Silver Member on Friend Finders. His handle on FFs was "Bucko51." Did you notice that I said ... FINACE`????
Tis True!!! I came on as a Standard Member to give it a try. Bucko51 saw me as a featured member. He had all but given up on the whole online dating scene. Then he saw my picture. :) I did not fit his age category, so I didn't show up in his searches or cupid matches. However, when he saw my picture that day he e-mailed me.
I looked at his profile up to 10 times a day. The words in his profile were blunt and to the point. He layed out exactly what he was looking for and what he was willing to do and what he was not willing to do.
I was intrigued by his profile and although I was getting tons of responses/winks on FFs, his face and profile stood out in my heart and mind.
I e-mailed him back that I would give him a call during the 4th of July weekend. But, I never did. I chickened out
I knew there was a BIG something there and I had to really ask myself, "Do you truly want a real relationship, or do you just want to date?"
Finally, one day when I was online he IM'd me. I accepted his IM and told him, "Brent, I am going to call you right now." I felt badly about not keeping my word earlier. Using my other phone line I called him while we were both still online. Our first conversation lasted HOURS! The next day, he called me and asked if I would come to see him. I immediately repsonded with, "Yes!" He had a ticket to me within three days.
I flew to another state to visit him at his home. I'd never ever done anything like that before.
Meanwhile we continued to speak on the phone several times a day. I knew we had something special already.
When I arrived, I was a tad nervous but, that quickly dissipated when I was in his arms. What an embrace that was. We began talking about marriage that first night. It seemed, as Brent put it, that I'd just been gone away for a while and had come home.
That first weekend we went camping and he proposed to me (on the fourth day of us seeing each other face to face.) I gleefully, thankfully, and humblely accepted his request. For it was mine also.
We are to be married on September 25th, 2004!! I am here at his house now! :D
We have been as giddy as teenagers as well as very serious about our expectations of each other I love him and his children.
Ironically, the day Brent IM'd me, we were both going to shut down our online personal accounts. But, God has a fun way of working at times.
May our honeymoon never end and Thank you to Friend Finders for puttting us togther.
fatima39 said
i am so happy since i was a member of frienfinder...and you know where can get this collum..only sending of annanimous people send it to my email...i feel curious where he or she can get my i try to check then i was really surprise..coz its a nice collum for the man & women wnted to have a friend or a husband i say to myself why not if i can see my soulmate thru this collum...and now it is work coz i meet my bf..thru this..
i meet him on november 05, 2003 so we have 8 months now and i am so happy with his company even we are far each other coz he always check me thru email..and i love him so much ., coz he is very kind to me...
Thank you so much to friendfiender..your the best! more power to your collum.. Fatima39
spunks said
I was chatting online at FriendFinder. An invitation came up like this, "Would you like to chat with someone from across the pond?" His bio seemed compatible to mine, and since he was in Australia and I was in the US, I decided it was ok. Most chats I had lasted about 20 minutes. I was chatting with cammo54 for two and a half hours. We exchanged email addresses and did that for a few days, then phone numbers.
All this started January 30, 2001. On February 18, 2001, cammo54 came to visit me in the US. The chemistry in person was as good as it was by email and on the phone. He stayed for 10 days. I went to Australia for 10 days on June 5, 2001, to see if I liked it there and to get a job. After getting a fantastic job offer, I returned to Australia, and we were married in October 2001.
Before you say this isn't the type of thing you can do, trust me and cammo54, neither of us were the type who would ever think of online dating as a serious way to meet a 'mate'. I won't ruin the rest of the story for you, since it's in a book I wrote about how we did it, our circumstances that led us to FF, and our experiences. Go to and look up the paperback book eTrueLove by Linda Cameron. I'm the author, and I'd like everyone to get the same results I did, and be safe and cautious as you go along. FF isn't just local, it's international. And it can be done if you're serious about the relationship. We were and are, married nearly 3 years now. You can do it.
Thanks FF for bringing Steve and Linda Cameron together.
Lislee_p said
To the great people at Friendfinder, Hi to you all, I'm Lislee_p and together with my husband H2o001. We were both members. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and he was from Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. (400KM apart) We started chatting to each other through your dating service and we never looked back. We went from chatting faithfully every day, to phoning each other every day, to myself travelling from KL to Penang on every weekends to be with him was lovely (which by the way is 4-5 hours by busride). Thanks to your service I went from a lonely 36 year old, to the happiest 36 year old in the world. I was for certain that I would spend my mid life alone but because of you I found the love of my life. There was never no doubt in my mind about knowing this was the guy for me. When I met H2o001 for the first time, I knew that he was the man for me. That first time we met in Penang it was unbelievable we connected in person as we had from our chat time and phone calls. And after six months we got married on March 15, 2002, Thank You for every thing without you H2o001 and I would not have met. And today I have a wonderful husband and two lovely girls of my own and four stepsons and owe you more thanks than I can possibly ever give for having a lovely family. Thank you so much, with lots of love H2o001 & Lislee_p.
happy49er63 said
Dear Friendfinder:
In November of 2002, I was browsing profiles without high expectations. I stumbled upon 1963David's profile and photo (being the very selective person I am, appearance is very important). David lived 2 hours away from me and I thought 'maybe he'll make a nice pen pal.' I didn't want a long distance relationship. To make a long story short, David and I hit it off right away, are engaged and will marry on September 18, 2004! I'm glad I didn't settle sooner. David far exceeded my expectations!
Thank you for having played a HUGE part in our relationship!
billyboy322 said
Hi, my name is robert sheridan or billyboy322 and recently I have been with the love of my life which I met from friendfinder. I currently drive 261 miles every weekend to spend time with Jodi Soto, or villee her screen name. We plan on getting married sometime soon but do not have a date set. I recently have asked jodi to move in with me and she has accepted the offer and plans on being moved by mid june of this year. I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful person and cant wait to start a life with her and her two children.
afrecano31 said
From the first day that I am layed my eyes apoun her. I knew she was the one. From the endless night and the dreamfull days. All i could do is think about her. I didn't know how love feels until i met her. She showed me the light, she showed me her love, she showed me my future. And today its all gone. Looking at her for the last time in my life. Feelings rush in my heart for her more stronger. Knowing she belongs to someone else. I just couldn't do anything. I couldn't touch her lips. OH GOD Its hurts so bad.

When i met her again for the final time. I huged her so hard. Kissing her forhead. As i took her hand to the car. I couldn't stop looking at her. Closing her eyes as I place my love gift on her neck and Kissed the Pendant in the name of GOD. As we go to the movies hand in hand. Looking at her knowing shes my frist life. But also knowing shes someone else. God it hurts so bad.
When i left her at the airport, All i can do was cry. Looking at her for the final time in my life. Hurted me more and more. she huged me so hard that i felt she had the same feelings. But i knew she was just looking for my happiness.
I know she will be mine in heaven. And i shall wait for her. I promise Amna I will wait for you.
sisu1969 said
Three years ago I got an email from Friendfinder asking me to check them out. I brought up the page and joined. As I started looking through the pages and profiles I was a little discouraged to see that not many men bothered to fill out alot of the information. Then I came across Jim's profile. I saw his picture and thought he was a good looking man, and went on to read his profile. WOW! was I impressed! He actually took the time to fill it all out. As I read through it I noticed alot of similarities between his profile, likes and dislikes and my own. I decided to write him a letter just to tell him thank you for filling out his profile- that I enjoyed reading it and was impressed to find someone at Friendfinder that took that kind of time and effort. I told him that I thought he sounded like an very nice and honest person and was glad that I had gotten to read his profile. At the time of writing it, I really wasn't thinking of a connection, I just wanted to tell him thank you for being so refreshingly honest. Imagine my surprise when about a week later I received a letter back! I was very excited. We ended up getting each other's email address and writing to each other that way for awhile. I can't tell you how much I looked forward to coming home and seeing if I had received a letter from him. We then shared our instant messenger info and began chatting that way. We had long talks that would last for hours on end, far into the we hours of the morning. We both had voice capabilities and computer cams and got to see and talk to each other that way. After about a month or two we decided to meet. We lived about three hours away from each other. I was on the East side of Michigan while he was on the West side of the state. We decided that I would drive over to meet him, since I had relatives that live here, and could stay with them if I needed to. I was SO excited! And nervous! I felt like I knew him forever, but never having actually met... He had given me directions to his house and I found it easily. When I pulled in and knocked on the door, there was no answer! Although I could hear a radio blaring inside. I thought to myself, "Shoot! what do I do? Sit in my car and wait for him to come? Go on in and make myself at home?" (I kept thinking his neighbors would think I was a freak if I waited in my car, so I opted for plan "B") I opened the door and called out "Hello!?" and no answer... I walked a little farther in and could still hear the music, louder now, coming from another room. I pekked around the kitchen doorway and could tell the music was coming from what I assumed to be the bathroom...and I could hear Jim singing away along with it. He wasn't quite finished getting ready yet! I called out "Hello!" a little louder and he heard me, calling out the same thing back, and the music shut off. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when he opened that door...was I going to get a free peep show or...(!!!) He opened the door, and we just kind of stood there for a second looking at each other. And then he totally made me melt... the first words out of his mouth were, "Hi there! DAMN you're gorgeous!" I was so flustered! I just kind of started laughing and went back around the corner into the kitchen. He followed me and gave me a great big hug. It felt SO wonderful to be finally seeing him and touching him. Finally talking to him face to face. We went out that night and karaoked. (Well I sang and he chickened out!) We spent the whole weekend together and it was wonderful. I ended up moving to this side of the state a short while later and we continued to date. I can't tell you how much I love this man. He means the world to me. We said our vows in 2003 and joined our families together. We both had two children from prior marriages. On St Patrick's Day of this year (2004) we had another addition to our family. A little baby girl that everyone adores. Since Jim is very proud of his Irish heritage I thought what better present could I give him? (hee hee) And she's got her Daddy's dimple in her chin. And to think... it all stated with an email of appreciation over a person's profile. Thank you Friendfinder!! Sincerely, Andrea Gallagher
Tigerwoman2003 said
I would like to share my love story. After all this time, I found love. I fell in love with someone I met on It's interesting because he lives in the United Kindom and I live in Nebraska (USA). The feelings we have for each other is very intense and keeps growing stronger everyday. I went through a painful time in January and he was there for me if I needed to talk and exchange e-mails He flew over the Atlantic just to see me and he's what I expected and more. I'm also pleased to report that we're making plans for future visits.
basslady048 said
I would like to thank friendfinder for making it easy for me to meet the girl have been dreaming of.Being a lecturer , it has been dificult for me to socialize with other people but when i tried friend finder it realy worked.
I started as a joke but at long last i met a nice black girl from Kenya. Her profile was quite short but she insisted that she likes kids.At first i could not tell whether we will make it and the distance was a problem but finaly i came to learn that my sweet was a flying doctor and she used to visit my place and munich twice a month.
We are now married and we are expecting our first born on july.My wife is what i needed, she is a real woman and i love her with all my heart.
Thanks friend finder.
Morfred said
Friendfinder is a wonderful invention. In April 2002 I received an e-mail through this truly wonderful network. It was from an incredibly beautiful Chinese woman. A girl, you might say, that was waaaay out of my league. We began to write back and forth about everything that sprang to mind, and warm feelings started growing - fast. 8th July 2003 we took the consequence of these feelings, and got married and moved together in Sweden. I am as happy as never before. My wife is lovely, sweet and beautiful and I love her of all my heart. Her love for me amaze me every day of my life, and I cannot thank Friendfinder enough for making this possible for me. You guys are great! Morten from Denmark.
shalane18 said
if there's a will there's a way, when true love hits you, no mountains too high and no rivers too wide. that's what happened to us, just like east meets west, he's from europe i'm from asia, other than that, i am 16 yrs. younger than him, will you ever wonder if this thing would work? yes, indeed. we didn't know we'll end up in a relationship, we were just talking about life and religion, but sometimes this thing will start to fire up the passion in love. i don't remember when and how. they said that when you fall in love you'll never know. it's a true and natural feeling. just like bringing a glass of water to him in the middle of the night, it's not easy to prioritize other's need from yours, it's just like both of you need to sacrifice some things for love. we are happy now, and i am moving with him in few months from now. we plan and talk a lot things, we have the same vision in life and compatible, with the same religion and spiritually close to God. it is God who made us one, it is Him who made us together with each other.
shalane18 said
friend finder was introduced by a friend to me, and i wanted to thank you guys! through this i met someone soo nice and wonderful.
aladyalwayz said
About 2 years ago, I joined the Friendfinder site in search of a special someone. As soon as I joined (my handle was "aladyalwayz"), I received numerous replys, but no one struck my fancy in particular. Being somewhat frustrated, I decided to revise my ad - I put what I truly wanted -- marriage. Well low and behold, I was shocked to know that there were so many like-minded men who wanted to be married and out of the dating game as well. I replied to a particular gentleman who was also tired of the dating game . . .Mr. "daylight" met "aladyalwayz" sometime shortly thereafter. Well, needless to say, we were married this year (2004) on January 16th. It's so awesome to know that just when you are about to give up, something truly wonderful happens. Mr. "Daylight" later confessed that on the day we found each other on Friendfinder, he had decided to take his ad off of the site. I thank God that He didn't. My husband is truly a wonderful man. I feel so blessed to have finally found someone who is my "backyard" all the while!
From: Eric and Mary Daye
merry2004 said
hallo am glad to say that have met new great two friends and am very happy , but still perusing throw any way am having great fun going through other people profiles, and hope to get the most wanting best match
foxyrider1 said
and the story unfolds..........I shared our begining with you 12/1/2003 and last weekend he propposed, of coarse I said YES! The road has been interesting, but we wouldn't be traveling it at all if it wasn't for friendfinder. Thank you, foxyrider1
Avanesova said
Dear FriendFinder Team! I am writing to let you know that your site helped me and my husband meet. We both had our profiles posted. He sent me a message on friendfinder, I replied after a while. We wrote a couple of more messages, then we chatted in the messanger, soon we met and felt like we were created for each other. He turned to live just have an hour away from me, and we didn't even suspect of each other's existance until he contacted me on FriendFinder. It started last year in late February. I had my profile posted for half a year by then, and my sweetheart had his for only a couple of months. Since then we had the most romantic trip together that helped us to know each other even better. Lots of other things happened since our first message on friendfinder.They onlyconfirmed our feelings and that we were soulmates and are making a real good couple, so called good match. After dating for almost a year, we decided to get married. We just got back from our wedding trip to Las Vegas, where we got married on February 10th, in the Special Memory Chapel. I am so happy, and so is my husband! We both wanted to thank you for providing us the opportunity to find each other through your friendly site. If not for you, we would have never met. Who knows if we ever would have been happy then. So thank you so much again. We really appreciate what you did for us and will always be thankful and will always remember how romantically our new family started.
Sincerely yours, Alena and James McKenzie (our handles on friendfinder were Avanesova and SID_10011100
Stephanie7690 said
Hi I met a frosty kinda guy on here during October 1999 and began to chat to this person online. Seeing we both live down under it was even a bonus for us. Since deciding firstly to get to know one another it was amazing when we started learning about eachother online and began to think we had so much in common.
We did meet on valentines day in 2002 although we began talking on Friendfinder. He added me to his list of contacts during September 2001 and then finally he began talking to me then. I am not sure we might have met if I did not input my hotmail account during that time. It was non standard to leave an email address which was personal or outside friendfinder but somehow frosty got it. I wouldnt doubt that he is so smart in technology, but anyway we met and we have fallen in love since. I believe God has put us here for a reason and why we met is also something we can't fully explain.
I am amazed at God's invisible power present but unseen, kinda like the wind only u know u wish u could see. Anyways, we got engaged just last September and have not been seeing each other even for a day. We are so close we help eachother; care for eachother and really want it to work. He is my soulmate and I his. So don't give up remember, if you don't talk and share how else will you get to know perhaps the soulmate destined for your life.
With much fervent Prayer to God we thank him everyday for life and for one another, our families. So grateful to God for the programme here friendfinder, so full of tears and joy..................................... ...................
76princess76 said
Dear Friendfinder,
I began using Friendfinder in October of 2002. By the end of the month a WONDERFUL man contacted me and we began to email each other. We talked for two months before actually meeting each other face to face and it was love at first sight! We dated for seven months and then we moved in with each other. We are now living together and having the times of our lives. We are planning on getting married soon and owe it all to your website. People find it strange when we tell them we met through your sight but when they see how much in love we are they are excited for us. I never imagined I would find my soulmate through an internet dating sight but I did! We both want to thank you very much for bringing us together and keep up the good work on matching people. We highly recommend your sight to our friends and family.
Thanks, Soulmates in Alabama
sweetladylaura said
I met a great guy thanks to your. I lived in Aiken and he lived in Newberry; which was only one hour apart from one another. I feel like, if, it had not been for your service we would never had met. I answer his ad and he replied back. We tried to talk on a chat line but for some reason I could not get my to work right but he would not give up. After awhile we finally able to talk and we talk on the chat line for a month until I felt comfortable to give him my phone number. We talk on both for awhile and then he came to see me. We knew at the beginning we cared about one another. He stayed in Aiken for the weekend and he showed me everything that he had told me was true. I went up to visit him the following weekend and we decided that we cared alot for one another. We decided to date as much as we could for a month. Now I live in Newberry with him and we are looking for a house to buy together. I have even found a job at the place that he works. We will be working different shifts but I believe our love will keep on growing. Thanks you friendfinder. Thanks to your this year also started a new life for me. Val and I even went to Texas for Christmas for me to meet his family and we all got along great. Sincerely, Sweetladylaura
imbroglio526 said
I would usually go on FF to see who had viewed me or to see who was in the chat rooms. One day I looked at my FF matches, just out of curiosity. There was one from someone who described himself as a book lover. His profile had no picture; it had a very short message that said he was a "quiet, passionate book lover searching for a literate woman he could grow emotionally with..." There was just something about was simple but it said what needed to be said without the cliches or the glibness. So I wrote to him, told him we shared the same zodiac sign and asked what kinds of books he liked. He wrote back and we emailed back and forth about books we liked until he said he was going to Oklahoma for 10 days and wouldn't be able to email me. I thought he was blowing me off but he emailed the second he returned.
That was over two months ago and since then we have fallen deeply and madly in love. He is the man I have waited my whole life for and now we are writing our own story together. Friendfinder not only found me a new best friend but a lover and life partner as well.
shofthearted said
Today I'm very happy that I found a really very nice man from friendfinder. We are from very different backgrounds I'm asian he is swedish. One day I was looking for love, and was really convinced of meeting my dream man in this new way. I found his profile and pic, and saw that we had similar thoughts about marriage, life and family, and sent him short message. I really wanted to hear a word from him. The next day I got an answer! We started to e-mail, and now after changing pictures, and emails we are madly in love. So now in February/March we are going to meet for the first time. That day would be my wonderful day in my life! I belive I found my soalmate, my DREAM MAN and very soon we will get married? Thanks to God and thanks FRIENDFINDER.
Lady_on_wheels said
We met in one of the chatrooms on Friendfinders back in 1998. We were in vastly different parts of the country. Woody was from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I was living in the piney east Texas woods. We started chatting in January and he ended up coming down to Texas on my birthday in April of 1999. My mother didn't approve but said that she would give us her blessing if we felt the same way in a year. Woody ventured out of the great white north and returned to the hot steamy south, within one day of exactly one year from the first time we met. This time Woody became my health care provider because I am a quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair. My mother recanted what she had said about giving her blessing and we kinda were biding out time. I was pulled between the two most important people in my life and wavered as to what to do. My mother's health was failing and I felt compelled to do what she wanted me to do. I had to kind of break up with Woody and look for another man that would be approved by her. But I was unhappy because I was living next to the man I truely loved but I couldn't show him because of my mother. My mother became seriously ill in January 2001 and was in and out of hospitals and nursing homes until June when she came home for four days before having to return to the hospital for the last time. During her four day stay at home, Woody helped take care of her, the man that she couldn't stand, showing the true Christian man he was. She always said prior to her illness that I would marry Woody over her dead body. She passed away on June 15, 2001 and that is when I started a long grieving process. I couldn't see that the man I loved and who loved me with all his heart was hurting too because he thought I was a lost cause. In July of 2003, Woody moved up to Ohio to live with his son and look for work and as the old saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" became reality for me. I realized, with the help from my best friend, that I really and truly loved Woody. She helped me write a letter to him expressing the love that I so wanted to tell him and couldn't while he was here. We started talking on the phone and resolved our differences and at the end of September 2003, Woody returned, this time with hope and faith that this relationship could and would work. And it did! On December 12, 2003, we became husband and wife. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives. Thanks.