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Articles by SONU965

What is what?   3/28/2007

I saw the Orion, counted seven; Later, came to know it to be Great-bear! I saw the twilight of the dawn; Soon the night broke out quietly. I saw you and said' I love you'; Why you wonder

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O! pal how are you? Recently you lost your kidney. In reply he said, 'I don't have any.' Last week he lost his second too. Thanks to his mother who gave one, For her son was

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Love is every where   3/8/2007

It is in the air, The wind tells us, The mountains; Shout his name, The world Moves slower; And when you are, Not the same, He has arrived, He has arrived.....

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The problem of mathematics.   9/21/2006

There was a professor of mathematics.He use to believe upon his mathematical skills and nothing else. One day he was out of his house along with his family doing tracking.He had three kids and hi

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Expensive Toys   8/31/2006

There was a young boy , who use to look at the toys that neighboring boys use to play.His father was a poor man.So , all he had was the sight of expensive toys.He use to think when he

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What if salt looses its taste   8/30/2006

To err is human and to forgive is divine .I came across several men and women who do have a habit of not holding the dignity of humans anymore. If salt looses its saltiness, it is no longer the s

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the myth of a green card   8/29/2006

People in europe and US think that, we Indians talk to them for finding an opportunity of obtaining the Green-Card. It is not true. Many Indians are returning back, they go and come back, most o

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Boon in disguise   8/27/2006

Tim started quite late that night on his way to home , it was raining and getting dark.A sudden discomfort grew in his mind, remembering yesterday's event that took place in his office. He was walk

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Wake -up humanity   7/30/2006

It is almost 6 months on FF .Many friends are added on my list each day.I have sweet and sour memories of chats. Thousands of people are present in this world.You can praise some, hate some and

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I know you will go away   7/25/2006

I know you love me like anything, You will go away one day. I feel the warmth in your touch, Same hand will wave in good-bye oneday. You care for me in all ways, I feel you'll depart some-da

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