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Relaxed-Happy 59 M
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Men: Beware of Scamming Women Praying on Honest Men   6/7/2005

Men beware of the Scamming women out there on these sites! They will tell you how much they care about you and then tell you how they cannot continue correspondence because they cannot afford it. Most are listed on the Black List Sites for the appropriate Country. There are Gold-digging women out there Preying on men! Be smart and dont send money....ever!

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JKH_54 62 M
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It never hurts to pack!   3/4/2011

It never hurts to pack two 45 automatics in a double shoulder holster along with four extra clips on you belt on a date.

Having two 22 automatics holstered on your ankles along with the 45's for back up along with a double barrel 22 derringer neck chain hanging from your neck just in case she has an automatic weapon near is always advisable also.

If you can't get out of a ...

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brownmacho 34 M
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Be precatious   6/26/2006

I am generaslly noit afriad of meeting people personally. I did have met people from here, from the ff in my own town, in their own place and I have met people from other chats too, in place. Generally, if you meet him/her in your own place: don't give out your home adress, phone-number and so on ( mobile phone is just okay). And meet in a crowded place. If yo utravel somewhere far: ...

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