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Relaxed-Happy 60 M
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Men: Beware of Scamming Women Praying on Honest Men   6/7/2005

Men beware of the Scamming women out there on these sites! They will tell you how much they care about you and then tell you how they cannot continue correspondence because they cannot afford it. Most are listed on the Black List Sites for the appropriate Country. There are Gold-digging women out there Preying on men! Be smart and dont send money....ever!

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Shaquan 37 F
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SailorCandy 66 F
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Who to avoid....   1/27/2007

At all costs avoid Dr.M.Marshall Woodard, III <br> <br> To start he was NOT born in St Croix, but in Cook County Hospital in Illinos, heA was born in the year 1946.. NOT 1956, the photo you see of him in his white tux is 15 years old.. He owns NO houses, NO car, has three wives, one in GA, one in AR, andone in the Bahamas. Currently inteh US he has at least six women ...

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the dangerous ones   2/7/2005

Please be aware, Ladies!!!!...of the numerous men out there who are not what they appear. It is smart and can be life-saving to be aware of the danger lurking in this type of relatiosnhip. I am not referring to ...or physical violence although these things can certainly become a part of this type of relationship. But I am speaking of men who are emotional abusers. They play some ...

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how many 'undying loves' does he have   1/29/2005

if you get to the stage where you finally meet the person of your dreams from an internet dating site, please remember that all the time he is sitting chatting to you he can also be chatting to several other women at the same time, declaring the same feelings for them too. by all means meet him safely, but if he is not in your home town, if you do not know the people he mixes with, then he ...

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Amphytrida 51 F
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Who wants to be taken in will be for sure!   6/17/2006

I would like to share with you the experiment I performed. Foreign men complain that they are taken in by Russian and Ukranian women. But didn't they think that the person who doens't want to be cheated will never be! Who are they looking for? A woman who will depend on them completely and will be their housekeeper first of all. They don't need an equal friend. There is no wonder why they ...

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What are you doing with that meat cleaver? AHHH!HELP!!!!!   4/2/2006

When you have first met a person there are certain things you should do and then there are certain things you should never do. I think that you should never give your "partner" your address. You should always meet him or her at the mall, or the movies, or wherever you have decided. This way, if you decide you don't like that person, you don't have to worry about them stalking you for the rest of ...

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Letting others know your whereabouts..   6/17/2006

The more morbid our society gets the more emphasis should be taken to protect ones self..Find out before hand where you will be going and the time you will be back home.. Once you have this information,then tell a friend/parent and have them call you at the appointed time to make sure you made it home safely.Secondly, write down on a piece of paper the description of the vehicle you will be going ...

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whyeteck03 47 F
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Ladies, be warned of this guy, his name is Yiannis Koytsoyfis, he is a Greek guy. At first when you meet him, he sounds very nice and charming. After a few days, he claims he loves you and wants to marry you. <br> Then after that he made advances on you by having sex chat online and on phone. Then he gets very bold and asks you to buy him gifts, he will demand you buy for him ...

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Dr. Jeckell or Mr. Hyde?   6/17/2006

Many violent relationships do not start out that way. Many abusers are among the most romantic at first. One pattern of abuse is that he starts making harsh statements or continuouslly goes back on what he said. He may be very gentle and say that if you try something, but don't like it you don't have to do it again. A month later he is insisting that you do it or putting you down for not ...

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Respect on line   3/2/2005

Hi, I want to share with you something that happened yesterday while I was trying to meet two men on line. This was the first time I chatt with both of them, and both of them were foolish and stupid men: The first one only asked me my name and my age and he tried to send me a picture from him, naked, so I get very angry, because I had never met this guy before and I was just trying to ...

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nhrafter64 53 F
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Postings for people misleading themselves on FriendFinder   5/29/2007

I wish that we had a spot for people to post there opinions on people that they have meet in person from FriendFinder. I would like to save a lot of woman a lot of heart ache from a loser that lies about his age, lies about his feelings and totally goes out of his way to ruin your life. If there is a spot to do this I think people would be a lot more honest with people they start dating in ...

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Alexendrovna 40 F
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Is it too soon at the begining of a relationship to be sleeping with a guy?   9/2/2005

How long are u suppose to date a guy before allowing him to have wild passion sex with u? How do know if you do so from the start that you won't gat a name for yourself? The if you do go to bed with him with the first month will he leave you or what?

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Special packages... giving your adress   4/19/2005

Hi, I want to give you an advice, when you just have met someone on line, and if this person wants to send you a "special package" if this person wants to "send you a surprise" BE CAREFUL!!!!!!, it could be drug, believe me or not, but those specials gifts from someone who just don´t know, it could became a nightmare, so please take care and do not give your adress to a strange person who ...

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hottourmanager 44 F
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Picking someone up   2/22/2014

When meeting someone new and they are flying in from another city to meet you, isn't it smart to meet them at their hotel or a public place after they are settled in?

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Carly2You 52 F
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Men who prey on the Women of FF and other sites!!   2/4/2005

Ladies! You must all know there are more than a few men who just use this system and others like it as a resource to find a harem or for 'booty calls.' <br> I know of at least to men on this sight for sure that have done this. They have done it to many women! Join my network and we can help each other pass information about who they are and how they operate. Both the men ...

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stefandero 59 M
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how far we can go....   6/19/2006

Protect your privacy Do not reveal information which could expose your identity until you are confident that it is safe. Be cautious revealing your name, address, phone number, email address, place of work, website address, etc. Do not allow anyone to pressure you into revealing details before you are ready. If they are overly aggressive in asking for indentifying information, cut off ...

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Don't assume that your date is straight   12/28/2004

A bad experience happened to me a little while ago. I met this girl online and she *seemed* quite nice. For some reason though, I held back. Finally I thought "Why does this girl act like a lesbian?" <br> I suppressed those warning signs and agreed to go out with her, thinking that if she wanted to go out with me then she must be straight. <br> As soon as she met me, ...

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Just Added my two cents!   12/30/2004

Some people are not to be trusted Online, lots of these people online are liars and when you link up to meet with them, they turn out to be something else. Some however post photographs that are not theirs etc. i've seen all this happen already- no i haven't dated anyone online and i won't, i just find it nice chatting with people online thats all.

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what is love   6/1/2005

ladies and gentlemen lets talk about love.What really is love?ls it the consideration of whatone patner has, it ok to jugde the book by the cover in matters of love?what should be considered first if one wants a patner?

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paytime 52 M
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Ukrainian ScammerGirls...   7/21/2008

... or whatever they are. Take care boys. I think 90% of the Ukrainian girls on FF are not serious, only like to get some money from you! In most cases, its only photos of a nice girl, organized by bandits. Its not even a real girl.
Have a look at the latest members, and you will see many adds, with different profiles but with the same photo.
I think there are some ...

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Looking4Friend73 43 M
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Why all the profiles with no picture?   9/9/2008

i always wonder about friend/dating sites that alows non-picture profiles. i thought the whole idea of these sites was about getting noticed. <br> i know i am butt ugly, but i still post my picture. <Grin>

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ultraprincess 47 F
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Is my check list enough?   4/19/2005

Ok, I asked him a thousand times: <br> So where were you born? <br> Did you say your eyes were blue? <br> Jamaica? What part of Jamaica? <br> Oh so you only lived in the islands, you weren't born there? <br> He must be getting pretty tired of the 3rd degree I'm giving, testing and re testing, but surely he knows, I'm only trying to be ...

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Goodsoul51 65 M
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Safety tips women should know & practice   2/2/2005

Don't Be A Crime Victim! I am sending this to every woman I know, ,please read it and pass it on to all your female friends, , <br> <br> <br> Some time ago, I attended a personal safety workshop, and it jolted me. It was given by an amazing man, Pat Malone, who has been a body guard for famous figures like Farrah Fawcett and Sylvester Stallone. He works for the ...

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whatsthsbuttondo 56 M
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A simple way to see if that's REALLY the person you are going to meet...   4/19/2005

...and not someone pretending to be shy & 23, when they're actually predatory & 50. <br> Get them to post up a picture of themselves holding today's newspaper. Yes, they could fake it, have a stand-in etc - but that would need more organization than most would have the time/facility/patience for. <br> It still, of course, doesn't prove they're not an axe-wielding ...

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DOGMAN2006 52 M
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condoms   9/9/2008

what would you do if a girl does not want you to wear one

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When in Doubt Ask   10/22/2005

I am sure everyone has heard some of the horror stories being bounced arround the net. I know I have and some are really being embellished to scare people. Well let me tell you that it is best to ask your prospective date whether they be a male or female their concerns on this subject. You could be anyone behind the screen and unfortunatley many too many times the person is not as they ...

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Human16 38 F
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Safe and sound   5/18/2009

The best way to be safe from your date. Is making it clear to him.her your rules on first dates. Make sure that someone knows(and that someone cares about u)who you 2 are going.(just incase he wants to break the rule and is deaf to the word N Third is optional but will do... learn Taekwondo

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superpath19 30 M
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How much can someone really find?   5/30/2005

Note: I am not a professional in these sorts of matters. The following article represents only my own experiences and beliefs. <br> Many people are under the false impression that the internet is totally anonymous. <br> Many people are under the false impression that their various online accounts and e-mail addresses are "untraceable", or unlinkable to one another. ...

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2BlueMarbles 57 M
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MEN BEWARE   12/15/2006

There are women on this site who are out to scam you out of your money. I have been e-mailing a lady for about 1 month.
First off she told me a sad tale about her family. Her parents were killed in a suto accident last year. Then she said she was stranded in a country (Africa) and needed money to get home. The company she worked for sent her there and paid her with ...

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DuckySlut666 30 F
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Do's and Don'ts with a Lolita   4/26/2006

Do- say how cute she is <br> Don't- talk about how awesome George Bush is <br> Do- complament her make-up <br> Don't- get mad if her shoes make her too tall <br> Do- make her smile and giggle <br> Don't- dis her favorite band <br> Do- cuddle <br> Do- take the bait is she gets kinky on you <br> Don't- go too fast ...

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myheartbeats4u 39 F
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Harassment and more Harassment   10/23/2009

To all FF user. Be warn about this man , maybe other too!
I want tell bout 1 farang he call "trueman1966" , he gold member, him sending bad photo ex wife to me, cos ex my friend. but nude photo to embarres her badly in her village.
Im complain FF, but never they do someting to stop the harass, he cary onm on more, but I can block, I not want to cos I shold know they ...

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tbone444 33 M
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What not to do on a first date   10/25/2004

Try your best not to fart in the car. Its just not a good idea really. No one can fart and be cool similtaneously.

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You must read this if you are going to meet him!!!   12/3/2006

There are sociopaths out there and sometimes it's hard to tell if the person you are going to meet is one. <br> "They lack empathy and a sense of responsibility, and they manipulate, lie and con others with no regard for anyone's feelings." <br> <br> Think you can spot a sociopath? Think again. <br> <br> (He is here among you LEXX10INCH goes by ...

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Goodsoul51 65 M
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Safety & Survival Signals for Women   6/20/2005

The Gift of Fear <br> and Other Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence <br> By Gavin de Becker <br> <br> <br> The following is taken from pages 210-212. <br> There are many reliable pre-incident indicators associated with spousal violence and murder. They won't all be present in every case, but if a situation has several of these ...

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nightbaron81 35 M
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Dating Safety   7/7/2005

The guy who loves you , if he can't always see you, he will try to make himself busy, for not to have any time to remember you, because he knew, if he did, he will keep on missing you until he could do nothing. <br> The guy who loves you, can't tell you the reason why he loves you. he only knew that, in his eyes, you are the only one <br> The guy who ...

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SailorCandy 66 F
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'Dr' Marshall Woodard is still scamming women   1/27/2007

Be careful Ladies, this man is still out there scamming women. The numbers are well over 100 now.
He's not just taking money, he is also totally devistating thier lives.
He is on many dating sites as 'DrMarshall.'

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I think least not yet!   4/1/2007

As far as online relationships, why is that a lot of guys ask for and honestly expect us women to give them our phone numbers after just a few mailings?? I mean, it's one thing to meet a guy at some public place (bar, concert, sporting event, etc), spend some time talking to him and having some idea of what kind of person you're dealing with, and THEN giving him your number when he asks, ...

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When is it safe to date   7/21/2008

Should you date because you want to see if it will work or if you really want it to happen.

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Ghanaallen 41 M
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Casual Sex   11/15/2006

I have met different girls in different situations. Sometimes online, sometimes at partys, at social events, bars, etc. Some have led to casual sex, and some to lasting relationships. I don't see that online dating is any more risky or safe than other ways of dating.

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Is this actually dating???   6/18/2006

I cannot find the relationship between this virtual actiity and real romance. I think this is pure entertainment and, with luck meeting some irtual friends. Also, I think we use this (the net) to get soem kind of attention, to relieve a hard time in our lies, to lighten our moods... I confess I don't think of real love when through internet. What do you think?

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NINfem 42 F
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2 tips for meeting someone from online.   6/7/2006

1. ALWAYS meet in a public place for the first few meetings... You wouldn't go to the home of someone you just met in a bar either. Treat this the same way. 2. Don't be quit so trusting. Over the net anything can be said about themselves. Are they really what they say they are? If it sounds too good to be true, it just may be. 3. If possible take your own car or a cab the frist time or so. ...

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avalexa 55 M
298  Articles

The concept of love is in general taken by liking someone - enjoying someone company - sharing life with someone - to help someone and so on..... <br> I can say that there is no definition for love. I could descibe that LOVE IN A FLAME THAT BURNS BUT DOESN'T HARM YOU or just LOVE MAKES TWO LIFES IN ONE <br> When some has a date has to be very transparent about the ...

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warlock526 48 M
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what a joke   6/18/2006

i think this site is a joke i finally get somepeople to send me messages and now aparently all of them have been abusing the system so they say so i cant write or even look at the old messages?what is it, was i to close to getting laid or what?

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staying in the game   4/13/2007

Its har to build a realationship with some ome else , it take kindness , pateints, And you shoud know this because it will just flow through your body as it does theres, And not for the few hours of animal passon, which there is what we all need .at times. But this is something that grabs you buy the soul, love flows through your veins the moment you touch, and thatcharge of electricity. ...

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Net dating   5/6/2006

net dating.. I guess is the worst of dating.. you are to semi trust what someone says.. You do a bit of chatting forst.. then presume Either way..SAFETY is a MUST You choose the place...FEMALE.. Drive yourself or get someone to take you pick you up.. If you drive ..oet someone know were your going, get them to phone you in the course of the evening.... Any drinks bought make ...

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Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!!   7/21/2008

Once met this woman online. we talked for many a moon. THOUGHT i got to know her pretty well. exchanged pictures. the whole nine yards. i wanted her to feel safe when we first met. she agreed to meet me at an all night diner i suggested so we could talk face to face.

her cell phone rang every 10 minutes to the minute. she'd murmur "i'm ok" and hang up. she probably wore ...

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Mstrshelby69 47 M
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Bad experiences?   7/21/2008

Has anyone here had any bad experiences meeting people either here or from other places on the net?

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Be safe be alive,   2/4/2006

Hello, There are some bad things out there. Like AIDS, HIV, and a lot more. The world is not a fair place, and is sometimes no forgiving. <br> We have people that have lives wrecked for one night stands. Was it worth it?? I think not. So if you like being around, be real sure just who, that guy or gal really is. <br> I have walked the hospital, halls and visited ...

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DATING SAFETY   6/16/2005

Start with a coffee date, somewhere very public and at a time no later than mid-afternoon, a few hours before it gets dark is best. You want your first encounter to be in a public place and with a set time to start and end. Punctuality is important but not as important as a friend knowing where you are and when you'll be finished your date. <br> Make sure you have a friend that ...

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saultteddybear 43 M
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Something has to be said about this...   3/18/2005

Why would you even think about NOT putting your location up? The only way someone is going to find you is by your location, just makes logical sense to say where you are when you register. Just a pet peeve. I realize you are trying to be safe and all, but aren't you here to find a date?

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busymom36 46 F
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What to do when you find out some one is a Con   7/21/2008

How do we as members of this site protect ourselves from those people who are out there that are cons as in con artists? I have already had this happen to me and if it hadn't been for somebody else for warning me about it, I wouldn't have ever known it. So what should we do to protect ourselves from this?

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alesia40 52 F
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Ladies beware.......   12/20/2016

I have recently been approached by men professing their enduing love and in the same breath asking for money. 1st of all, how can someone that has never met us be in love with us? My profile states that I am a professional, but also states that I have three teenage daughters, now how that equals riches is beyond me. If we are looking for love it is because we are lonely, and at times can ...

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angel0128 40 F
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Beware of the scammer   12/20/2016

Recently, Facebook and Internet dating received much attention in Malaysia when a man reported that he was being cheated by a beautiful 25 year old lady who scammed him for money and love.

From that point onwards, 5 more men surfaced to tell that they were victims of the same woman, who was said to have had 4 children, all of different fathers.

They all met her in Facebook. She ...

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27  Articles


1. Guys don't actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls.
2. Guys hate flirts.
3. A guy can like you for a minute, and then forget you afterwards.
4. When a guy says he doesn't understand you, it simply means you're not thinking the way he is.
5. "Are you doing something?" or "Have you eaten ...

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has She too got it full ?   8/10/2007

Just because you got off, that doesn't mean that she's satisfied. Remember that there is another person there with you who would also like to bask in that afterglow. At least make an effort to please her. Look at it this way: if she is just as satisfied as you, she will likely be too spent for "pillow talk" and want to take a nap with you. So, get to it.

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safe   8/22/2006

keep it online and don't give out facts...

3 Comments, 72 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
Some points to note...   8/10/2007

Most women have an adventurous side and are willing to try new things in bed, once they trust their lover enough. But, if you ever want her to reach that point with you, the last thing you should do is force the issue too soon into the relationship. Doing so may blow your chances of her ever considering the idea again. Try to introduce new positions and reveal fantasies slowly but surely, ...

3 Comments, 68 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
keep safe   3/18/2007

When you first go on a date with a guyyou don't really know him well. We all go with some strange people, so to be safe it's best to tell someone were your going. Arrange a place you know and tell a friend. It's also a good idea to give them a general idea of when you will be back. Do,nt agree to go somewhere far away from where you know and make sure you take plenty of cash to get back. Go ...

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afraid of age   10/1/2006

Am presently in love with a girl, which if not for are small stature i can call her my aunt. I am a guy born on 10th dec. 11984, but this lovely girl iwas born on 23rd of April 1982, which shows more than two years senirity. But the main issue is that she want us to marry each other. I haven't made her know she senior me in age but not as a human. Because a man will in all position be ...

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eimee 38 F
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breath mints   8/22/2006

Bring breath mints if your guy has a funcky breath.Dont be afraid to tell him and pull the mints out and tell him to eat five out of them.Then kiss him and tell...HE is SPECIAL....

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avalexa 55 M
298  Articles
LOVE WHAT IS IT?   10/22/2005

LOVE is.. being happy for the person when they are happy being sad for the person when they are down being together in good times and being together in bad times LOVE is source of strength. LOVE is.. being honest with yourself being honest with the other person at all times telling, listening, respecting the truth and never pretending LOVE is source of reality. LOVE is.. ...

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george179 37 M
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do not   7/21/2008

do not be fast for saying loving words while she not give at least the same do not listen for lie things while you are silent do not let your heart close your eyes

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Looking for love in all the wrong places!!   2/4/2006

Hi, my new friend. I'm writting because its hard to find someone. The right Mr/miss just isn't going to fall out of a tree, in front of you. Well if it did, your the exception. Finding a good person, is a job. Looking for that Mr/Miss at a bar is a bad idea. How often have you heard of Mr. right being a alcoholic??? Is that really what you want?? So where do you think a good ...

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57_Chevy 62 M
18  Articles
It never hurts to pack !   6/5/2008

It never hurts to pack two 45 automatics in a double shoulder holster along with four extra clips on you belt on a date.

Having two 22 automatics holstered on your ankles along with the 45's for back up along with a double barrel 22 derringer neck chain hanging from your neck just in case she has an automatic weapon near is always advisable also.

If you can't get out of a ...

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JKH_54 63 M
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It never hurts to pack!   3/4/2011

It never hurts to pack two 45 automatics in a double shoulder holster along with four extra clips on you belt on a date.

Having two 22 automatics holstered on your ankles along with the 45's for back up along with a double barrel 22 derringer neck chain hanging from your neck just in case she has an automatic weapon near is always advisable also.

If you can't get out of a ...

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Hello   7/21/2008

what's up???

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brownmacho 36 M
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Be precatious   6/26/2006

I am generaslly noit afriad of meeting people personally. I did have met people from here, from the ff in my own town, in their own place and I have met people from other chats too, in place. Generally, if you meet him/her in your own place: don't give out your home adress, phone-number and so on ( mobile phone is just okay). And meet in a crowded place. If yo utravel somewhere far: ...

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eimee 38 F
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Be Wise!   7/24/2011

A date these days is so diffrent from what
is happening from the past now a days.This
can be scary.Especially to women.
Whether you go on a date w/ someone youve
known for a long or known just recently, it
is important to know the basic safety to go
for a date.It is very safe to date during
daytime or early evening.Go to a place ...

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Because of recent abductions in daylight hours, refresh yourself of these things to do in an emergency situation...This is for you, and for you to share with your wife, your children, and everyone you know.
After reading these 10 crucial tips, pass them along to someone you care about. It never hurts to be careful in this crazy world we live in.
1. Tip from Tae Kwon ...

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avalexa 55 M
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Just a tip   7/27/2005

Faithfulness is the key to being a good friend, Respect them from beginning to end. Neglect is something never to do, Depend on them they’ll see you through. Secrets are things you should be able to share, Helping them out and showing you care. Inseparable is how we will be, Preparing for life: just you and me.

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Basically30 39 M
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Whats the Green light   1/29/2010

What does it take for you to feel safe enough for you to meet a person off here?

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Work and Romance Don't Mix   6/7/2006

I found this tip on AOL. It is funny AND it is TRUE. Don't be sending all your e-mails from work. Everyone in the computer department upstairs can read your mail. And they do. And they tell everyone else. (Trust me. I've seen it happen. Do you want to know about the affair the woman three doors down the hall from me is having? I can tell you all the details.) And please don't print up ...

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"3 Tips You Wish You Know Earlier Before You Go Into Any Type of Relationship"   12/5/2013

If you are in a relationship right now, or are thinking of going into one, there are 3 very important tips you should know and questions you should ask yourself before you ever get yourself into a relationship. This could save you from a lot of heartache and pain when you are involved in a love relationship.

(1) Your lover does not owe you your happiness, peace or joy. Happiness is a ...

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novemberbabe41 75 F
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before you get involved   3/6/2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, this goes for both of you.... The net is a place to meet and talk to people but it is also a place to be scammed as well.. So, when you meet someone on here and they start making promises that seem to be too true, watch out, they probably are....If there is a connection, neither party will mind if the other has you checked out.... There should be no secret about where you ...

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joni2u 44 F
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Is HIV /STD/Communicable Disease Testing Appropriate?   7/24/2011

/:>Todays world of dating and intimacy has grown popular and is the trend of socialization for adults and even teenagers. In todays world also has science and medicine reveal newer diseases that could be transferred from one person to another through body fluids.

In the heat of the moment, I would guess, hardly anybody would think of these negative sides of intimacy/sex ...

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DrMarshall 57 M
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\bsexo?\b lies and internet relationships   8/10/2007

CONSUMER Comment Submitted: 2007-01-10 07:10:17

It's Such a Shame.....And Such a lie!
Anyone can post things about another person one the internet. this white woman has stalked black men all over the internet. She has been dumped buy them and has tried to destroy them with her venom.
Candice ******* posted blogs, and stalked Pastor ******* ...

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Dc0515 37 M
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Not to Quick   3/22/2008

Safety tip on dating. Stop rushing in to relationships. Before you call yourself someones girlfriend or boyfriend talk for awhile, and I mean weeks to months not days. Go out to different places. It's even good to travel to another city and see how you guys do on the road together. Just pump the brakes and slow things up a bit.

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adult dating   5/26/2012

adult dating is very good healthy in human body

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alanhuang_962 39 M
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YES   7/21/2008


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koolguy03 34 F
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Take this......... and try...........!!!!!!!!!!!!   7/21/2008

"If you like someone, tell him, because you might found out that they like you too."

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matchui 45 M
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the net   8/10/2007

listen to what your heart is saying there are many put in our path to defraud us read between words play safe

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desired888 67 F
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Be carefull with man scammer   11/26/2015

Be carefull with man scammer, that involve your feelings with the promise that he will marry with you and after a time he become to ask for money, saying that he want to go to meet you but in this moment he haven't money, please don't send money. and if you don't send money , he say that you are a bad person, and bad woman, and that you are playing with his feelings I was scammed for one man and ...

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koolguy03 34 F
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take my words...........   6/3/2011

"If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one."

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chubbychinita28 36 F
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Single And Happy!!!!   8/10/2007

breaking up is so painful i kow i would sound hypocrite if ill say that its so easy to move on its not i know and thats not just an overnyt process. but come on! we dont need to dwell on that failure relationship we need to look forward on what our future can offer us thats why we have our eyes in front not in our back for us to look forward not backward coz it will lead us to nothing but ...

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abhishekkansal1 25 M
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how manny love dating   3/9/2014

how manny people love dating to enjoy our life

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devihrln 32 F
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ya ya,,.   7/24/2011

i never give hurt for you but u please deeeeehhhh.

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stiv02 45 M
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kind words are cheap but does great things   11/15/2006

Whenever we recieved KIND words from people around us we get excited and refreshed. tat means Kind words has a healing balm within it. But as often as we get KIND words from people we sometimes forget that they are cheap and costless. and if we do know that they are cheap and costless why then is it difficult for some of us to give this cheap and costless yet power source of great happiness ...

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freekamasutranet 32 M
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How to have healthy sex   2/14/2009

Sex During Troubled Times As kids, many would hide under the covers when scared. With war, terrorism, and shaky economy adding to life’s concerns, it’s easy to retreat to the bedroom. But for adults, crawling under the blankets feels better when you’re with someone else -- and it might help us cope better in these turbulent times. People have a way of finding each other ...

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JaxFLBlak 35 M
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Friends and Lovers   1/22/2009

Feeling an infatuation to a woman who is your friend, do you ask yourself a question "Can two people who don't find each other attractive fall in love?" You can support each other as friends too.

Guys tens to fall in love with women around them at their job, school, or neighborhood. Then usually the question arises: would she accept you as a romantic partner if you were just ...

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rezkiaditya_ids 37 M
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Safety dating   3/21/2010

In general just use your common sense and if you think there is a problem then let him go. The best way to make friends is through your relatives, friends, and church groups or at parties where everyone knows everyone else.

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wisnumspt 43 M
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Lessons learned from the online chat   3/21/2010

A multitude of online chat, from sites that are in these days and that you have created your profile on almost all meetings chat site, you know, but you still can not the right person. You start to believe, as if dating is not your thing, but the chances are bad youre are doing. This will raise the profile of your online chat from the earth and your place for a wonderful day with the girl of your ...

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rezkiaditya_ids 37 M
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Top 10 Internet Dating Safety Tips   3/21/2010

1. Know what you want in a partner.

It is imperative to have clarity on what you want in a partner otherwise you might get the grab-bag surprise. By knowing what your requirements (non-negotiables), needs, and wants, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches by dating “just anybody”. If you are lacking clarity on what you want, seek the help of a relationship coach. ...

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sms9411915404me 38 M
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Online Dating -safe/dangerous?   3/21/2010

Online dating is the best possible way to meet fantastic people who share your interests and passions. Every year, tens of thousands of people get married as a result of meeting on an online dating service. Millions of people are doing it and, in general, online dating is regarded as a safe medium for meeting potential is safe if u r careful.

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Here in the garden of the arcane delights,

Dark shadows overwhelm us and and we become blind,

Blind to the needs of those who would be free,

From the breath of fear and the prisons of the mind.


A guy had a cancer and had ...

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rezkiaditya_ids 37 M
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Dating violence   3/21/2010

Teenagers often experience violence in dating relationships. Statistics show that one in three teenagers has experienced violence in a dating relationship. In dating violence, one partner tries to maintain power and control over the other through abuse. Dating violence crosses all racial, economic and social lines. Most victims are young women, who are also at greater risk for serious injury. ...

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rezkiaditya_ids 37 M
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Dating Safety tips   3/21/2010

Here are some tips that you, or someone you know, may find helpful when dating: -Trust your instincts. -Have a safety plan. -Meet in public places for the first few dates. -Tell someone where you are going and with whom.

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hasa8888 46 M
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Be wise   7/22/2008

Dating safely is a good and a remarkable thing to do.Each partner must be wise not to risk their lives.If the relatives of both side of parties didnot agree or one side didnot agree to their relationship , i think , they should be wise not to risk their lives because the consequences might be greater.

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