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Antique4 49 F
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how does this works?   6/21/2005

how in earth can i contact another member here without paying? i have seen we can vote for you articles and get points but then what? im new to this and have no clue about what to do. someone out there that knows how to do? thanks

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Tyra4u2luv 34 F
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On Does Weight Matter   10/21/2005

I just wanted to say that, there are men out there that prefer larger women, some who only date them. I think it's horrible how some people say they would only date a certain person, with a certain body type, because you really don't know what you would do. You may meet someone one day, and have a wonderful conversation, or start out as friends and it develops into something else. This ...

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Short Men Finding Hardtime Attracting Women   11/9/2004

Does height matter? I guess it does, in my experience. I'm only 5'3" - all my other friends are taller than me. I can say to myself that I'm decent looking, muscular built, have a great sense of humor. I have these standard qualities that any woman would require, except my height. There's nothing I can do about it. My parent are short so I guess it's from their gene. As much taller as I ...

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How Does He Treat His Mom?   1/22/2005

Once one gets past all of the winks, hotlists, e-mails, perhaps even unto phone calls -- then I would ask or fish around to how they treat their Mother(s). <br> Suggestions: A. Listen Attentively -- Does he make obscene comments about women in his life or in the past? <br> B. How does he treat his Mom? Or Stepmom, or Mother figure? Of course there are always ...

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A tent and bugspray   12/28/2005

If i read one more profile of a guy telling me how good looking he is (I'll be my own judge), and how his friends tell him how young he looks (keep those friends) he enjoys fine dining (bet his garbage is full of old take-out containers) he works hard, has a child, and yet has so many active hobbies (who are you superman?) he loves to cook (he just knows most women ...

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Ravyn_Angel 33 F
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Quick but insightful question   3/31/2005

Maybe it's just me, but after I've talked to a guy a couple times and I want to get a deeper look inside without really pushing, I always ask one question - 'Are you the kind of guy that can admit to crying?' I don't mean to be stereotypical, but in my opinion the answer gives me a basic understanding of his personality. There are 3 usual answers. <br> 1: "Na, I don't cry, ...

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KittyKat310365 50 F
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Pet People   7/27/2007

To all the pet owners and animal lovers. Should there not be a box added on - owns pets - type of pet - prefer pet-free environment- allergic to animal hair/feathers- .....etc..... Since those of us, who own such a cutie, treasure their friend(s), this is an important category to be added on to ones profile ! Look forward to responses. Best regards Kitty Kat

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Younger men for Older woman   3/21/2005

Why is it i see younger ladies with older men, but not very many younger men with older woman? I am a man in my 30's who since my middle 20's has had a desire and attraction for older woman, but older woman tend to shy away. Is this beacause older woman are more cautious about who they see, or because there is the social conception that it is improper? In my own mind it boils down t this, ...

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who would who would not?   2/26/2005

I am doing a survey in various places, do others think thewy wouold or would not consider a wheelchair bound friend partner? <br> Are you in this situation how difficult is it for these people, both male and female? opinions please.

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tiggerlvsfun2 56 F
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Why does a woman's figure or weight matter so much?   7/22/2007

I am curious as to why most men prefer slim/trim women over a nice full figured woman? Large woman have feelings too and have needs. True some of us large women can't get into smaller sizes or wear a bikini but we can do lots of things that a slim woman can and sometimes even better. Have you ever really gotten to know a large woman? Have you ever really tried to have sex with one? I ...

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AmericanCyrano 60 M
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Internet Dating Quiz   1/28/2005

1. Have you ever seriously considered yourself "in love" with a person online? 2. If so, had you actually heard their voice or seen them in the flesh (pictures don't count) before you thought you were in love? 3. Would you consider someone who had never met you or even heard your voice via telephone a little strange if they said "I love you"? 4. Would you be upset if you arranged ...

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mepickingu 66 M
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what do women want   11/2/2006

i read profiles.looking for a man long term or short term.i write them you dont get an answer.i wonder what you say to a woman in a letter that makes them want to write back.or are they just playing a dumb game to lead us men on?do they realy want a man?i have wrote a few poured my heart out no answer.write them a nice gentleman letter no answer. write them a dirty letter they write back ...

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Laugh out loud   4/1/2006

OK here it is the truth i am fat i know i am but i am also in reasonable fitness for someone of my weight i weight more than my age im 22 by the way. <br> But no matter what it never shifts i have dieted in the past there is an artical of which i hope is under this one but i dont care if it aint i laughed at it. <br> I dont care if others hate my article it is here to ...

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Gray522 64 M
1  Article
The Perfect First Date   4/19/2006

Hey folks guess what... there is no such animal as the perfect first date. Everyone looks for that first romantic interlude on that all important "FIRST DATE"... Well take the time to think about it. You go out for dinner and drinks and the alcohol clouds your judgement after the first drink.. Alcohol has no place in that all important "first date". Conversation without the ...

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A woman's weight being an issue   11/9/2004

It is fatuous in the extreme to suggest that it is only men who have a fixation with the body size and image of a person they are interested in. It simply isn't true. <br> Women are just as size-ist as men are: because "body image" is an issue for society in general - which contains both men and women, of course <br> Female fashion and lifestyle magazine editors ...

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love   6/27/2008

love comes to those who still hope although they have been disapointed, to those who still believe although they have been betrayed and to those who still love althoung they have been hurt before.

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MsDee71 44 F
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why do dating services cost so much   8/8/2005

I wonder why the dating services cost so much. When you are not even sure you will find a match. and if you do will the respond back. Or it cost too much just to respond back to an email you do get.

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Equinox320 65 M
12  Articles
When does relationship become exclusive   6/9/2007

How long until it's exclusive? 1. Within the first few weeks. 2. When sex enters the picture. 3. After a few months, we stop seeing everyone else. 4. When we both discuss it and decide together.

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inkeddoll 32 F
1  Article
When you know your partner is unfaithful   6/1/2008

I read an article on here about how to determine if your partner is unfaithful. Perhaps this belongs in the relationship section, but anyway...I wanted to add a few thoughts on the matter. This is coming from a woman who lived with a man for a year, and the man had a two month affair. Remember how things are with your partner when they are good, no constant bickering, things ...

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btrfly0202 36 F
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The beautifull people   12/23/2004

In my experience since my divorce this last year I have found that being one of the beautifull people is not as great as it seems. Before my divorce I was an overweight mom who never took care of herself. But since then I have lost the weight and started to take care of myself. You know so you can get the man. Well it hasn't exactly been a good experience. I have found that the ...

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Perfect Is Where You Least Expect It!!!   8/10/2007

Define Perfect?!
How many people out there look for a man/woman based on their past ex's? I did and it got me where... on a dating site!
I met my Mr. Perfect on a dating site, we're now engaged but he's nothing like what I thought 'my type' was, he hasn't got the looks or the body that I went for before but he makes me so happy.
Don't look for your ...

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blukindgrrrl 34 F
1  Article
3-Question Life Philosophy   9/3/2006

If you could be any kind of car, which would you choose? Using 2 adjectives, describe why. <br> If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be? Why? <br> If you could be any body of water of any size, what would you be called? Why? <br> <br> __________________________________________ <br> <br> Your answer to the ...

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RICK1982 33 M
3  Articles
FIRST DATE?   6/22/2005

So.... I presume everyone has been on at least one date in their lifetime. Well why is it that somewomen find it hillarious to stand people up. Surely if you aint interested in meeting up with them, then why say you will be there? Ever heard of something called HONESTY???? <br> It hurts people when you get stood up! Dont people realise this? Gutless! <br> Why do ...

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babybaby20 32 F
3  Articles
perfect is bad!   1/22/2013

if you think everything is perfect with the one you love, drop everthing and run!!!!!!!! no relationship is perfect believe it or not. if you disagree or she does something that really agravates you to no end, so what and get over it. fight, have make up sex and move on. you'll be growing and maturing through it. loves great but it sucks too. the only one thing that's a real red flag is ...

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Men are Men   10/12/2006

A man is dating three women and wants to decide which to marry. He decides to give them a test. He gives each woman a present of $5, 000 and watches to see what they do with the money. <br> The first does a total makeover. She goes to a fancy beauty salon, gets her hair done, purchases new make-up and buys several new outfits, and dresses up very nicely for the ...

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cuddlebunny2005 61 F
2  Articles
Why do guys   9/13/2005

Why do guys put prefer not to say on the question on marital status.If your married you should have that on there so girls do not see you as a good catch and then find out you are unavailable.You normally do not see that on that question on female profiles.

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firecoral 53 F
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What happened to men that knew how to talk to a woman?   9/2/2009

In this day and age we are advancing in everthing but the way we talk. Thier is no more romance in our conversations. <br> Why do some men feel that to tell you about thier personal parts would make a woman interested in them? Or what they do sexually? Why not ask a woman if you may kiss her, it would go over so much better because if would come with respect.

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koolguy03 33 F
36  Articles
How To Tell He/She Is Cheating   8/10/2007

1. Acknowledge something doesn't "feel right" in your relationship and be prepared to get to the bottom of it. <br> 2. Ask yourself the following questions: <br> 3. - Does he/she call you less often? <br> 4. - Does he/she make excuses to not see you when you used to be inseparable? <br> 5. - Is he/she NOT where you are told he/she will be ...

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When should you say, "I love you."   9/3/2009

This is a tuff one. If you say if to soon, they may think you are a nut. If you are holding out, they may leave for a neather. If your not sinceer then, they will be put off, and not take other thing said seroiusly in the future. <br> Love comes in a due time, and not before. Its strong and durable. it will with stand the winds of time and the termoil of desaster. Real love ...

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Xolotl81 35 M
1  Article
The lowdown on weight and fitness (for both genders)   11/9/2005

Different people have preferences for light-weight, curvy, muscular, or average bodies. It's a fact. But excessively skinny or obese bodies are almost always a turn-off. I'd like to offer some tips and rules-of-thumb to help you look your best. <br> Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, because I'm not a doctor. For the final word on significant changes in your diet or ...

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wisdom and the courage   3/23/2005

At least three times every day take a moment and ask yourself what is really important. Have the wisdom and the courage to build your life around your answer.

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yassir2009 30 M
2  Articles
how to   9/17/2010

when you start talking what do you will tell first

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About first date   1/2/2008

kuch bhi likha de? how to convince girl for date?

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How do I know he really like me? (For guys only)   11/9/2004

Q: How do you know if a guy really likes you, or just wants some action? A: Many things go into this , and not all of it is fool proof, the best decider is yourself and you gut feeling, but here are a couple of questions to ease your mind , just incase you are having trouble deciding. 1- When you are watching a movie does he a) forget about the movie and makes out with you b) watches the ...

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Holy Alphabet   8/10/2007

Dear friends;; I have a poem for you;; <br> A thoughtare not perfect, <br> B cause of trials or pain, <br> C ontinue in thanksgiving, <br> D o not begin to blame, <br> E ven when the times are hard, <br> F ierce winds are bound to blow, <br> G od not is forever able, <br> H old on to what you know <br> I ...

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Love, Love, Love   1/9/2005

What if you loved this guy so much and then this other guy who hates you wants him to break up with you. So he threatens the guy your in love with! What do you do?

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why people choose to meet people from the internet :)   12/18/2004

Hey there people, i'm just wondering what you all think about yourselves getting to each other (and other people) initially from the internet and the different reasons why people chat to each other on the internet <br> Here are my views: <br> 1) people use it if they are curious about what it is like to meet someone face to face, having initially chatted to them ...

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something2005 43 M
17  Articles
be yourself   2/21/2006

Dating is such an art and so person-specific that I would be hard-pressed to say something everybody does not already know. So I am just going to say this: <br> be yourself <br> The worst thing you can do when dating is to try to be something that you are not. You will not feel comfortable and it will show. As for me, talking is something that I love to do so that ...

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One Question   8/1/2010

Chivalrous - Marked by a gracious courtesy and high minded consideration esp. toward women....Is this a bit olf fashioned thinking or outdated. I have yet found a female that enjoys this ol fashioned way of thinking

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Lasana0224 70 M
22  Articles
How important is Honesty?   10/28/2005

On several occasions, my dates told me that they were amazed that I was really as tall as I said that I was in my posting and everything else that I said was fairly consistent with who I was. Some of them admitted to exaggerating a little when describing themselves, though they said that honesty was really important to them. That made me wonder, if people are not opposed to "exaggerating ...

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How to tell if you are tired of being alone!!!!! 1. Do you spend more time online looking for a date than you do in actual conversation with people? 2. Are you sitting here reading this wondering, if there are so many people here why have we not met our soul mates? 3. Have you been set up on more than 3 blind dates in the past 12 months? 4. Do you tell your friends, you do not mind ...

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tit 4 tat   8/10/2007

the ideal dating quiz would be asking ?4? let him ask you anything and then you ask him don't hold back let it get deep and be honest then we could cut through the chase and live happiler ever after or go our seperate ways and noone would ever have to hurt!

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KillTheRat 34 M
1  Article
Why??   9/3/2009

Why are there so hard to find a girl that not just look to the outside of a person???
Here in sweden there even is hard to get a girl to talk tou you if you aren't beutifull enouht...

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lookin4happy 40 F
2  Articles
Have you ever?   11/21/2006

Have you ever met some one and thought wow I could really fall for this person and at first things go smoothe and really great and he is all you have ever wanted and then come to find out he wasn't being himself the whole time that it was all a lie to get into your pants?

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koolguy03 33 F
36  Articles
What did u say about this..........!!!!!!!!!! look   6/3/2011

Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end."

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Lasana0224 70 M
22  Articles
Romantic, any ideas?   6/12/2006

Being a poet and a person of great passion, I describe myself as a 'romantic'. Someone that I dated in my recent past, challenged that idea and made me realize that hers was a very different understanding of what it means to be romantic. Lately, I discovered that some think that NASCAR and rock concerts dates can qualify for that description. Since so many people throw that expression ...

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yassir2009 30 M
2  Articles
nothing   3/20/2010

ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY - Discussion topics are for original material written by members. Any plagiarized material will be removed from the site. Also, FriendFinder's just stayalive dude

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3  Articles


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maxx76 39 M
6  Articles
dating   1/22/2009

Go to a playground that's not in use and play! Take along a picnic lunch, baseball, bat, Frisbee or outdoor toys (blowing bubbles is fun)… Have a great lunch after playtime.
Don't surprise your date with a hatchet movie, meal, etc. on the first date. They may be allergic to horror films - and you don't want to 'surprise' a vegetarian with a dinner at "Harvey's House of Beef." ...

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tahseen260 34 M
1  Article
I Love Cricket...   4/29/2016

I Love to Play Cricket.... ...

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The best way   3/11/2007

In fact, I'm just wondering: why do people focus on internet for dating? Everyone wants to register on a e-service for dating as if it was just a game. Let me tell you that beyond the screen, there is a heart you may break as it is in "real" life.

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27  Articles

Here in the garden of the arcane delights,
Dark shadows overwhelm us and and we become blind,
Blind to the needs of those who would be free,
From the breath of fear and the prisons of the mind.

A guy had a cancer and had only 1 month to live. He liked a girl working ...

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stiv02 44 M
13  Articles
kind words are cheap but does great things   8/10/2007

Whenever we recieved KIND words from people around us we get excited and refreshed. tat means Kind words has a healing balm within it. But as often as we get KIND words from people we sometimes forget that they are cheap and costless. and if we do know that they are cheap and costless why then is it difficult for some of us to give this cheap and costless yet power source of great happiness ...

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koolguy03 33 F
36  Articles
How did you feel when your love tol you this?   2/21/2006

What I Love About You <br> <br> I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth. <br> <br> I love the way you make me so happy, And the ways you show you care. I love the way you say, "I Love You, " And the way you're always there. <br> ...

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koolguy03 33 F
36  Articles
Soulmate   6/3/2011

Finding your soulmate is like discovering the missing link in your heart.

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koolguy03 33 F
36  Articles
Is this true about Love......Just tell me if i`m right.....   4/18/2006

Is really quite simple ‒ you can’t make somebody love you. There is nothing you can do or say to make a person who isn’t already smitten suddenly do an about face and fall for you. There is nothing you can change about yourself, no clothing you can buy, no team you can join, no club you can get in to, and no hairstyle you can try that will make a person who isn’t ...

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koolguy03 33 F
36  Articles
Check this........... !!!!!!!!!!!! beauty   1/20/2009

"Beauty is not based on how attractive we are to everybody else, but how attractive we are to ourselves, for one cannot think other people think they are full of beauty unless they know they are beautiful too."

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Human16 37 F
35  Articles
Can I?   12/13/2005

been through a lot of relationship... last relationship was one of the worst relationship you could imagine... <br> been hurt and learn... well somehow i think ive learn... coz now i know what to do(maybe) <br> but love has no limitations.. <br> Should i choose to love without limitations or should i use what i have learnt from my past ...

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how many people do you know have found true love on the net??   11/9/2004

In my quest to find anything that deals with my research paper I am here to ask of you the haunting questions that have lingered in my mind. I want to know if any of you have found the perfect match on line? If so how did it start?? do you know of anyone that has found thier perfect mate on line? This could be in a chat room, e-mail, internet site any thing that deals with on line. I am ...

1 Comments, 165 Views, 39 Votes ,3.16 Score
cant get points   10/8/2009

i am writing this article to get points but although i have written many before i still dont get any points i think that i have been blocked

8 Comments, 30 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
calebjeff 38 M
4  Articles
When a woman makes the first move   8/9/2007

What will you do when a woman you're acquinted with walks up to you and poses the question 'when are we going to have sex?...I can wait anymore.

15 Comments, 130 Views, 14 Votes ,3.14 Score
cincyreds74 41 M
1  Article
To date or not to date   2/21/2006

Most people know if they "click" within 5 minutes of meeting, then it could take another 3 months to really know that persons character. <br> So what is the point of dating? I mean, dating to go out for a dinner with no strings attached (not talking about sex) <br> <br> or <br> dating to chase that person, in spite of your own common sense? ...

8 Comments, 283 Views, 31 Votes ,3.14 Score
Lasana0224 70 M
22  Articles
Is It Just a Number?   8/12/2005

Recently, I received an email of interest from someone that was less than half my age. While the attention was flattering, my interest in lasting friendships with people who have been around the block more than once caused me to question the seriousness of the sender. When I mentioned our age difference, she responded that age was only a number. That sounded like the kind of line that ...

6 Comments, 150 Views, 17 Votes ,3.13 Score
secretiveguy 31 M
3  Articles
Im so In- love   12/20/2004

She broke up with me weeks ago but until i cant accept it and im badly in love with her. But she'd already made a decision and i know she's a principled woman... when she'll say no, she mean it. Should i forget her? What should i do? Help........

1 Comments, 27 Views, 106 Votes ,3.03 Score
GorgeousVampire 36 F
1  Article
Regrets...Always in the End   8/10/2007

A girl met this handsome guy 6 years ago...they became friends...became inseparable... <br> She's single but he's not...he's separated though with one kid...the guy fell in love with her, so was the girl...time passed...they became lovers...stealing moments for them to be together even for just a little time...they became intimate...deeper and much much deeper...they loved ...

5 Comments, 148 Views, 20 Votes ,3.00 Score
Acceptable dating practices (AKA. 'Meat Market')   12/17/2011

This question was prompted by my reading of HonestGirl78's post of 'How do you exactly date?'
Ladies, I was wondering after reading this post...
Is it acceptable from a woman's perspective for a single man to narrow down the population of available women to the perfect partner by dating more than one woman at a time?
Of course by this I would mean ...

15 Comments, 148 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
Lasana0224 70 M
22  Articles
Is It Really About Relationships?   5/27/2005

Just recently, I heard a woman psychologist talk about the way that the internet and edating has freed women to pursue their sexual interests in the same way that men do. That seemed interesting to me because most of the profiles that I have read have suggested that women were really seeking longer term relationships. One website member described her search as "looking for the joy". It ...

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stiv02 44 M
13  Articles
scammers aboud here = be warned   8/10/2007

Scammers abound here I just want to place this again to alert well meaning brethren in here that scammers abound here. At time you might find it difficult to know them, but I trust God to continually expose them and give the sincere ones the discernment to identify these evil minded people. They pretend to be women when they are actually men, some pretend to be women when they are actually ...

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jullietteishere 57 F
85  Articles
Is there someone for everyone?   8/9/2007

I often wonder about this.
What criteria do you have for a soul mate?
How do you know when you first date if you will continue or not? What are your criteria?
All this surly has to play into this.
My Mom told me no guy will want you when you are sick(physically). I said why not you are sick and you found someone.
I ...

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joy2768 45 F
10  Articles
Did you ever slip up and call your date by a former date's name?How did you recover?   4/23/2006

I can honestly say that I've never made the mistake of calling a date by thewrong name! Thank goodness for that too I would have no idea about how to recover from that.... by joy2768

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Human16 37 F
35  Articles
Waiting   5/12/2007

Feeling empty.. wondering why... There's Millions souls waiting for someone Why cant i find one? ahhhh! maybe because it's not just time.

24 Comments, 419 Views, 68 Votes ,2.79 Score
For love or For Wealth - Why can't we love someone for who they are, and not for what they have?   12/13/2005

Generally some people just love Men or Women for what they have, i have this friend in New York, his fmaily (parents0 are very wealthy and he is well off too, he's a very good guy from a very good family... and there was this girl i can remember her telling me that she love two guys but is not sure which one to choose... when i ask her the reason she told me that both are wealthy, but she ...

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koolguy03 33 F
36  Articles
Is it Love?   3/4/2007

It is a very common question, "How can I tell I'm in love?", but it is not an easy question to answer. What feels like love to one person may be nothing more than attraction to another. Some people fall in and out of love quickly and often while others are never really in love as much as they are in lust. Do you wonder what is going on in your current relationship. Is it love, lust or ...

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i love her but she never reciprocate   7/27/2007

i am always composed whenever we are together, i am always insipred whenever i think of her! 'i love her' its something beyond words, and actions!. though the passion started from nothing.but i was too easy to fall for her wnen i knew she was a type i dream for! <br> i could'nt bear the feelings inside alone! i had to let it out. but she sounded she wasn't interested. but i ...

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jayj484 59 F
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Giving In   9/2/2009

How many of you, saw person you liked but did not want to be the first to say something? What do you do when you do get with them and find they have low self-esteem?

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Lasana0224 70 M
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Are We Speaking the Same Language?   12/20/2005

Not everyone is a typist or a writer. Posting sites, IMs, chat rooms and emails highlight that very well when the means of communication is the keyboard. It is possible that very interesting, attractive people will not get on-going attention because they lack the tools to carry on a "conversation" on line. Is poor on-line communications a turn-off for you? How do you handle it?

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sexy   8/26/2013

how to sex with a women first kiss the women then remove her clothes then lick her pussy and boobs then put ur dick on her vagina

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Things To Take With You On A Date   3/22/2011

1. Wallet, purse, handbag and money or/and credit cards. It may be the guy's task to pay but the woman should not appear empty handed just in case.

2. Condoms for both men and women. We are living in a modern age, so modern thinking is required, whatever your morality and outlook. Stay sensible.

3. Mobile or cellular phone. For women this is an essential security device as well ...

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Lasana0224 70 M
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Superficial - What is it?   3/10/2006

Everybody has their own ideas of what it means to be genuine. Personally, I like to be able to look at a person's posted picture before answering emails. Some people may think that is a superficial approach. Most often, I hear that complaint from people who haven't posted a picture. While it is only one of many values used in my making selection decisions, it is still an important one ...

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sms9411915404me 37 M
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Relationship Advice-how to get it   3/21/2010

"Relationship questions" are a natural part of any healthy romantic relationship. Love is complicated even in the best of relationships and most people need a little bit of relationship advice from time to time. The problem with love advice, though, is that even friends and family are sometimes too close to the situation to give clear-headed advice. They know your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. ...

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there is no true love on the net   6/3/2011

Hi guys i hve come to understand thru my experience that there is hardly no true love on the net while the likes of us come here when we are seriously lonely and hoping to find some one, the others are just passing time. what creteria should one use to find a partner on line?

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JaxFLBlak 34 M
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Perfect Kiss   3/26/2008


A big mistake that too many guys make is going for a kiss in the wrong situation or place. Women want that kiss to be special, and they would prefer to share the moment with you alone.


When you feel the moment is right, reach over and touch her hair while you are talking and make a comment about it. Say, "your hair ...

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jullietteishere 57 F
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If you had a hot date that you finally got a date with   8/9/2007

Would you still go on the date with a bad toothache or earache?


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sexytrisyia 28 F
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I am addicted to your love.   12/7/2011

Hi, I want to spend forever with you. I will give anything to be with you. I will give you my heart, my body, and my soul and I will go with you to the ends of the world as long as you keep loving me... Mmmuahh!!

Dear, can you check my free link After the free list, you can see the sexy photos and detail about myself. All is in my link. Thanks Dear..

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kraziegal25 34 F
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Cosmopolitain   4/3/2008

Love Quis's in these stupid magazines aren't even right by any means nessisary. They are stupid and give false hopes to many American woman. The only good thing is that they give help to women that want help with sex and so on. ...

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joy2768 45 F
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Trapped in a love Triangle   7/25/2005

I have been attracted to a colleague for over a year now, and in the past few month we have become close friends.But my attration is becoming almost an obsession-I can't stop thinking about him.Unforetunately, he is in love with my bestfriend.she like him too and I am worried that they will act upon their feelings.Please help? by joy2768

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Actually What the Love iz????????   8/13/2014

M in Confusion. Actually Love iz..........

1. Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses

2. You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.

3. Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.

4. Love is the answer, but while you're waiting ...

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Dc0515 36 M
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Passing gas   9/3/2009

After how many dates is it ok to pass gas in front of that person?

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Phoning Ur Date   5/16/2012

Once a date has come to an end there are many things that may go through your mind. You may hope never to see that person again in which case move on to another prospect as quickly as you can. On the other hand you may have had an excellent time together and are looking forward to seeing them again. If so you will wish to make contact sooner rather than later and if so here are some quick tips to ...

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for do one date   4/4/2011

The clear answer to that is to let you know the other person....

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thegreatest1985 30 M
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ask them what there fave animal is and why   5/24/2008

Questions 1) What is your favourite animal and why? 2) What is your second favourite animal and why 3) Say the first word that comes to your head when you think about the sea?

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llenierose 38 F
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how to courts a man on the net?   8/11/2010

Gentlemen- guy's out there this is your field, maybe you could humor me by answering honestly how you want a woman to court you.

Ladies- makes our guy's freak-out with your wonderful Idea of how to make them love you with out there knowledge that they were being courted by you.

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jaemin37 39 M
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seek   9/4/2009

i am seeking and seeking but i can not find somebody so tell how to find somebody

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koolguy03 33 F
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Hi all, As we say Love is Blind, why lingerie is so popular?. here we can see sources of lingeries on the net mostly in women. an any one explain this to me this words.

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tingting41 33 F
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hi   8/13/2014

i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!i am ting!

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party2203 58 M
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Dare to leave of the tracks   8/12/2007

Dare to leave of the tracks? Talves the most greatest challenge of the modern life be, we will be we mesmos in a world that insists on model our skill of be. They want that we left of be like we were and we passed it be what the others expect that we be. By the way, to own word “person” already is an invitation for that you leave of be you. “Person” comes ...

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dreamengineer33 45 M
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what is..   6/1/2005

what is love, and what is the reason of love? what isn't love?pls tell me..waiting your comments..

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odette317 52 F
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Where's America Heading To?   10/12/2011

Drought in some parts of the country.

Flooding in other parts.

Abortion is legal.

Marriage of the same is okay.

There's too much freedom that what is natural is bent in order to accommodate the WANTS of others.

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alanhuang_962 38 M
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i do not koow   8/9/2007

I do not konw

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hotfuminman 31 M
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well most important rule for a successful date   5/26/2005

how can u keeep up great with your first date? tell your girlfriend dat she loooks great even when she looks like a truck

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dony2009 37 M
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test iq   9/17/2010

how you want to know

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randisifa 27 M
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why ur love   4/23/2016

ur love here in heart

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how many..and what else   8/9/2007

ok how many condoms do you bring on a date and why bother???? i always take two packets because when i have finished making love and am on my way home sometimes i see another sexy lady i get horne?y and am mad to chat that lady for more \bsexo?\b....

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well thats a nice one is it not??? maybe   5/24/2014

What is it about women that makes them go for men, ,, when they could be much happier with a transsexual...for instance love is much deeper and much more sincere. <br> Transsexuals can offer women much more than any man could specialy if they are pre op they offer breast and hips and beautiful female form and yet some have shemale parts the lower part still being these ...

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cory's   7/4/2011

Here is an off the wall dating Quiz for you to take. No answer is wrong. What would you do in these situations. <br> 1: You are on a date and he/she passes gas. a: you dont say anything b: you confront him about it. C you point to him and screem he farted. D: you bust out laughing. <br>

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Best Palce to go for Date?   12/30/2007

Best Palce to go for Date?

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Alienssss 35 M
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wot 2do   6/7/2006

all u hav to do iz get in da gurls mind in da first 5 minuts of date.catch her phsyco. and thn she iz all ursz.and if u cant do dat , u r not compatible for date.

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love quiz   12/5/2004

1.You are walking to your love's house. There are two roads to get there. One is a straight path which takes you there quickly, but is very plain & boring. The other is curvy & full of wonderful sights on the way, but takes quite a while to reach your love's house. WHICH PATH DO YOU CHOOSE? Short or Long? 2). On the way, you see two rose bushes. One is full of white ...

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amrikdoal11 31 M
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wow girl will defenateltycome   12/4/2004

hi my girl friend.for girl it's easy to say that you r not looking handsome but for boyz it is very good because there is the chance to change the girl friend ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i did

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Is lying about age ever acceptable????   11/9/2004

When, if ever, would it be acceptable to fudge on age???? Although i have just turned 50 on my last birthday I'm always thought to MUCH younger. While at a recent party a younger person of the opposit sex commented that they placed me to be in my late 30's! (I've had to show my I.D.for my age to be believed) This happens all the time. I believe that this is do to not just looking ...

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