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" what will you do..........?   27/7/2014

What will you do if the wrong one loves you right ? My opinion to the question above is , accept with the intention to make them right . What's yours........?

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dhioeddin 20 M
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bfghdfgd   24/9/2013


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ouss1992 21 M
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ous   30/6/2013

what's the most important thing in our lifes ?

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kesyfa20 32 M
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Quiz of science   1/12/2012

This Quis most popular in time, .. (ToBe Continued)

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tender_man33 38 M
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hi   19/8/2012

i want girl from baharin

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samihotboy 18 M
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relationship   8/8/2012

Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.

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remyfater 25 M
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Requetions   13/7/2012

If we date the same girlfriend what would you ask? Definitely something secret and usually if you wan to go home from dating.

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odette317 51 F
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Where's America Heading To?   31/7/2011

Drought in some parts of the country.

Flooding in other parts.

Abortion is legal.

Marriage of the same is okay.

There's too much freedom that what is natural is bent in order to accommodate the WANTS of others.

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tomy1305 48 M
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A relationship is meant to be enjoyed and not endured   5/3/2011

Should a relationship be enjoyed or endured

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I love some one intensly   21/10/2005

hay i love some one intensly. i respect her a lot. i did not want to merry her. But i wants to be with her as a friend. Now she got married. she can no longer be my friend because of her husband. i have no contact with her for the last year but there is not a single when i did not miss her and wait for her mail. I want to listen to her voice. i want to talk to her. i really miss her a lot. ...

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juniethelooney 49 F
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RE:well most important rule for a successful date   25/7/2004

WRONG! What sort of guy are you? The most important rule of a successful date is be yourself!

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