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dhioeddin 20 M
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bfghdfgd   9/24/2013


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ouss1992 21 M
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ous   6/30/2013

what's the most important thing in our lifes ?

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remyfater 25 M
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Requetions   7/13/2012

If we date the same girlfriend what would you ask? Definitely something secret and usually if you wan to go home from dating.

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odette317 52 F
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Where's America Heading To?   7/31/2011

Drought in some parts of the country.

Flooding in other parts.

Abortion is legal.

Marriage of the same is okay.

There's too much freedom that what is natural is bent in order to accommodate the WANTS of others.

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juniethelooney 49 F
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RE:well most important rule for a successful date   7/25/2004

WRONG! What sort of guy are you? The most important rule of a successful date is be yourself!

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