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Matteus_Nova 43 M
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Xmas gift from FF?   8/18/2006

What if FF gave us all GOLD membership for one week between Xmas and New Years? <br> Bad idea?

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happy5534 47 F
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A Aussie & American We meet on here in 2004 We married on the 15th Sep 2005   10/23/2009

Well I use to live in Canberra Australia with my partner of six years. It wasn't going very well so I told him I was going on friend finder to look for someone to treat me like a woman and give me love that I needed. So I did the first photo that showed up in cool new people was a guy dressed in leather on a bike. That was it I was in love with him their and then so I ...

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kerrickter 44 M
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How to Drink Milk   10/6/2006

How to Drink Milk.
1. Get clean glass. 2. Get carton of milk. 3. Pour milk into glass. 4. Raise glass to mouth and pour into mouth. 5. Drink milk.
See other articles.
How to eat a cookie...

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debutanteBaltimr 55 M
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My Profile Turns You OFF!   2/28/2011

OK...I get a lot of views on my profile because I pimp it shamelessly and spend bonus points advertising it so that I can pump my numbers up. I got 21 women viewing it this week. So THAT a big deal, or am I at the bottom of the barrel where you stand? I ask you this because I wonder if it is more normal to get 300 views a week or three thousand or MORE if you ...

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Sweetnsassygurl 48 F
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Standard Memberships...   5/14/2007

I have come across a few questions on how to communicate with members when you are a standard member. Looking through the site I came across this...* Some standard members receive viewing privileges based on the popularity of their profile. ** Standard members can email Premium members who have purchased standard contacts. <br> Hope that helps. Guess we all have to become ...

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10GoLd RuLeS for Hunting Men..   6/29/2013

1- Prepare an ambiance Very simple way, take the control, plan before, what you'll eat and drink, take him away just a simple place that only you and he will be there alone. (a beach corner, a park, a garden, a terrace etc.) Men don't like in a crowded areas with a woman, they feel nervous for care her. But if you take him a quite place he thinks you trust him and you get the ...

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neobux   5/22/2011

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terryaki 61 M
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Seniors divorce in record numbers!   3/7/2007

Lately there has been a jump in the senior divorce rate. This is because if one person goes into a nursing home, our government will take the assets of a married couple.
Yet another financial reason to divorce. With the divorce rate what it is, society should work to help marriages, instead of giving more reasons to divorce.

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terryaki 61 M
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Pets in pictures!   5/5/2007

You may notice that a number of women will post photos with their pets. It would be interesting to find the reasons for this. Are they telling you that they are a package deal, or that they really love their pet, or both? If you have a pet, is it a good idea, or a bad idea, to post your pet's photos? I use to live in a city, where it was against the law to have more than 3 pets, ...

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terryaki 61 M
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Yao Ming   4/20/2007

Yao Ming, who plays basketball for the Houston Rockets, recently treated children to his autograph, and one dollar each. Instead of paying for his autograph, each child walked away with his autograph and one dollar. Nice change from the super stars who charge for their autographs.

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What if salt looses its taste   8/30/2006

To err is human and to forgive is divine .I came across several men and women who do have a habit of not holding the dignity of humans anymore. If salt looses its saltiness, it is no longer the salt, it is to be stamped and crushed like any mud.Similarly , if humans leave humanity they become animals, and thus, to be treated in the same manner. We are gathering less valued things and ...

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samiroelayl 21 M
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hiiiiii   11/6/2012

love you yourself after love someone

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makram55 56 M
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Secrets do not know the men from the love of women   2/14/2011

Secrets do not know the men from the love of women

- After the woman you love to Atmahb much about it and Atgb Vdmuaha include rain pouring down to enumerate them, what ails you in your absence from the balcony could not be described even a full century!! If you want to make sure you'll find back her tears, and you wait and needs!! Taste then the tears from her tears and will ...

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JKH_54 60 M
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An Official U.S. government Announcement ! ?   3/4/2009

The U.S. Government said today it was changing it's emblem from an eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the Government's political stance.

A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security when you are actually getting screwed. It just doesn't get more accurate than that does ...

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terryaki 61 M
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Internet break up!   3/11/2007

Often internet contacts end when one party just stops writing. Maybe this is because they don't want to hurt the other person's feelings. Maybe they feel like they do not have to bother, since it is on the internet. Is it rude just to stop talking? Of course rejection can be hard, so is it rude to be honest and tell the truth?

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debutanteBaltimr 55 M
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A Walk in the May Countryside   8/10/2007

I have been writing in my blog regularly since 12/2006 and it has proven to be VERY theraputic. I URGE anyone who is curious to read my latest blog post: "A Walk in the May Countryside" because it will give you a FLAVOR of the off the wall jags that my blogs tend to take. If you have not been reading and posting in these blogs, read this, and you probably WILL have the urge ...

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odette317 52 F
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Drought   7/31/2011

It is sad to note that here in Amarillo we are still experiencing drought. We did have rain last week but not much. We still hope for more rain to come our way. Our temp here is still in triple digits, burning hot!

Oh God pls. send us more rain. Thank you....

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debutanteBaltimr 55 M
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My Question for You   8/15/2007

I need advice here. I started a blog here in December, 2006 and have managed to rise in the ranks from ZERO at the start, to NUMBER THREE in 5 1/2 months. But I want to make it to NUMBER ONE!!! Any advice from you would be very much appreciated because I happen to be a LOWLY standard member. I have spent some of my bonus points to have my profile highlighted this month in ...

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Boon in disguise   8/28/2006

Tim started quite late that night on his way to home , it was raining and getting dark.A sudden discomfort grew in his mind, remembering yesterday's event that took place in his office. He was walking and thinking with tiny water drops managed to reach his forehead, beating the rims of the flat-hat he was wearing.To pass his time, he took out his cigarette-case and drew one cigarette and ...

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odette317 52 F
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Prayer   10/12/2011

If I have any friends here please pray for me, please pray for my intentions. I need your prayers very badly. Thank you and God bless us all. ...

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art4all2 46 M
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Pros&cons of polygamy your views   8/13/2005

I just found someone elses article on polygamy. I'll post my question any way to stir the pot again. What are your views on the pros and cons of polygamy as a large family unit working together in this day and age, in this economy and in/outside the US? Not so much about the sexual side of it, trying to populate a nation, or the abuses we hear about in these relationships. Like ...

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Name that artist   8/15/2006

What's the difference between a pop star and a terrorist?
So who can tell me who told this joke?...

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packersbrewersba 31 M
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Spring Is In The Air   4/20/2015

Spring Is In The Air And Many People Are In Love

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