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liableluke 59 M
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You've got to be kidding me   15/10/2011

Not long ago a so called friend set me up on a blind date. I took her to a fine, expensive restaurant. We ordered our meal and then the waiter walked by carrying a tray to a near table with some appetizers. She remarked how good they looked and smelled, so I ordered some. I got to eat only one while she red the remaining. A waiter walked by carrying some different appetizers and she ...

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ruggedntenderaty 65 M
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What about a 5 or 10 min rule?   23/7/2007

We can meet at a place and in the first few minutes either has the chance to say the chemistry is not there, lets just go on our way and forget this. I have heard of some who do this and it seems to give women a better feel about meeting a man some say. It sure sounded workable to me.

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Smalltown_Guy2 39 M
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My idea of a first date....   2/3/2006

Personally, I feel it should be kept simple. After all how well do you "really know" this person?? The truth is you really don't "know" them. Yes, you make be intrigued or infatuated with them, but you don't "really know" them. <br> Consider the first date to be the icebreaker to "actually" get to know them, so there is no need to invest allot of time trying to have this romantic ...

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brownmacho 34 M
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Blind luck   27/3/2013

I saw others stories concerning their first dates. In my case, it is not such a complex thing, and I have to admit, it was not my work. She was older than me with one year. I was 13, she 14. It was all her work and patience. And it din't last neither too long. But anyway, it was a beginning.

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terryaki 61 M
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safety first   4/5/2008

From what I have heard, and read, women have a good reason to worry about first dates. In this day and age, people are running background checks first. Of course meeting, in a public place, is also a good idea. Many women tell their friends, where they are meeting, and they have their friends call them in about an hour after the date starts.

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terryaki 61 M
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Gifts on the first date?   20/4/2011

This one woman, that I dated(once) expected an expensive gift, on the first day. This is in addition to paying for the first date. Some, self proclaimed, relationship experts say this is a bad idea, but it seems that some women like some type of gift. Should the guy buy a gift on the first date? If so, should it be an expensive gift? Should the guy always pay for the date?

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Ranipatna2013 19 F
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first date   5/7/2014


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remyfater 25 M
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Meeting   17/2/2014

I felt ashamed when the first date with my boyfriend, and confused when want to talk something to him. Such was the story when first dating with my boyfriend.

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packersbrewersba 31 M
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First Date Advice   17/2/2014

My First Date Advice To Anyone Here Who Reads This Is Go With The Flow And Let Nature Take Its Corse

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