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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
The Real Deal   1/28/2006

Lets get back to the basics. When you are trying to start or get a relationship off the ground. You need to be able to communicate. Communication is the foundation from which all is built. From friendship to love communication is everything. If you are not willing to be open and truthful then your going down a dead end street. You must be open and honest with your self ...

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Why aren't there more African America Men on   6/3/2006

There are some of us out here that prefer to date others outside of our own race. I browse friendfinder regularly, however, there's not very many African American men on Just wondered if any of you know any eligible, nice, African-American men between the ages of 45-53, please tell them about Preferably in the North/Northeast Texas area. Thank you.

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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
Soul Mate ( Is there such a person?? YES )   6/3/2006

This is the big question, most often asked by all. <br> So for you to understand who or what a Soul Mate is I will take you through some steps as I see it. <br> Friend: A person to whom you can talk and go do things with. Not to be confused with a person that you just know. This person is who you call when you need help. This is is the time when you find out who your ...

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Sweetnsassygurl 49 F
10  Articles
To search or not to search?   6/28/2012

I have read many articles and responses here at Friendfinder. Some say to get out there and meet new people, look for a new relationship. Others say to basically give up and when you least expect it they will find you. I have tried both and have found that not looking works best for me. What works/has worked best for you?

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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
Feelings   5/14/2010

Do you get that funny feeling when you hold hands or that gentle touch.....WOW you know that old rush in you heart and head. <br> Getting dizzy yet?.....LOL <br> Well it depends on your ability to relax and keep the world out side. It will never die. You just have to let it in. I think that there are some out there who believe that after a while you lose something and ...

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Smalltown_Guy2 40 M
3  Articles
My Idea of Love...   11/28/2008

Human emotions are one thing in life that can that have the most control over us. They can make us do things that would seem impossible to some, and make us feel like we are on cloud 9 when we meet someone that we connect with. Some call it love, but most often I find it should be called “infatuation”, because love to me is something that is built over time, and is ...

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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
What Your Looking For   1/13/2006

I really think that if your on the market so to speak, that you should know what your looking for and expecting in a relationship. It is to easy to give mixed signals and start playing a game. If that is what you want then more power to you. But believe it or not some of us are looking for the one to spend forever with. Not just a fling. I realize that forever is a ...

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terryaki 61 M
10  Articles
A good relationship is worth taking your time.   10/9/2009

Take your time, when building a relationship. The way to build relationships, various by culture. This makes doing it correctly even more complex and my require even more patients. Building a relationship is a "two way street". If both parties are interested, they can work together to overcome differences and build a good relationship.

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thefirstray 43 F
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How to love---without enought communication?   6/28/2012

Meeting each other---holding my hands---saying loving me--leaving my city. Since leaving, seldom communication, no sense no missing.Yes, busy---how can you still love me? We are human being, not like the animals just only for the birth instinct, we need thoughts exchange at the same time... I wouldn't like to be an animal, how to love---without enought communication? ...

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odette317 52 F
20  Articles
Relationship to Last   12/27/2012

A successful relationship should be based on trust and love. Without these no relationship would prosper. Always express your love in words and actions, let it show. Always be sensitive to the feelings of your partner. Most of all put God at the center of your relationship, for sure it works. ...

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Expensive Toys   9/19/2006

There was a young boy , who use to look at the toys that neighboring boys use to play.His father was a poor man.So , all he had was the sight of expensive toys.He use to think when he'll be able to touch them at least. Days passed and the boy grew into a fine man.He groomed himself to attain a beautiful personality; because of his education and personality he was able to get ...

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sandy1962 53 F
4  Articles
life is a mixture   6/13/2009

life is a mixture of sunshine an rain laughter and pleasure tears drops and pain so went the cloulds hide you are sun and skies turn grey remember i am always there for you

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Wake -up humanity   8/30/2006

It is almost 6 months on FF .Many friends are added on my list each day.I have sweet and sour memories of chats. Thousands of people are present in this world.You can praise some, hate some and ignore some of them. In this Jet-age we live; time is getting precious every day, such a time should not be wasted in different arguments and hatred. If a person visits a room for ...

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makram55 56 M
4  Articles
I can be lover romantic and   3/1/2011

I am very man. sometimes I can be lover romantic and sentimental. I like to communicate with all people and to meet for new friends. I like sport and hunting every month in the morning. I love in swim in sea as often as I can I am open, mind i love to take care about my women I love to love and do surprises for my women I am sure, you are like me as you say ...

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makram55 56 M
4  Articles
Thou Shalt Not. Have you ever read the Ten Commandments   3/12/2013

Thou Shalt Not. Have you ever read the Ten Commandments and paused at the words, "Thou Shalt Not?"I have read many an artical condemning Ministers for speaking out against, sin, unrighteousness, life styles contrary to the Commandments of God and Christ, and believe it or not, these condemnations are coming not from the unsaved but the Christian. So I thought about the scriptures and the words ...

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Satisfaction ....   3/4/2015

HI there LADIES.... I m from Hyderabad, i am a sex worker... i can Satisfy any female soul i make love in a very different way .... n i charge money for to satisfy U .... i will make sure that u r Satisfied to the core .... so plz if ur interested mail me at rickychauhan00 at g male dot com i will send u my details .... thank u ...

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aqien 34 M
2  Articles
10 Tips for A More Intimate Relationship   1/22/2014

Generating goodwill creates the environment for a more intimate relationship. Gestures of goodwill are very powerful, and make each partner feel safe, respected and loved. Being able to appreciate the good qualities in your partner, and learning what they need to feel loved and appreciated help set the backdrop for nurturing goodwill.

Here are 10 ways to create more intimacy in your ...

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relationships..   12/17/2011

you can actually do without them. If you told men they could get laid until they are 70yrs old by good looking women they would never get married lol.

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aymoons 25 M
7  Articles
10 Ways to Create a Strong, Intimate Relationship   6/27/2015

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” -~Sam Keen

Before I married my wonderful husband, I dated a lot of men. For most of my 20s (and even my early 30s) I had a perfect fairy-ideal of what romantic love was, probably because I was an actress and loved drama back then.

It took years for me to realize a ...

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spanish16 34 M
2  Articles
just be a gentleman   10/16/2014

My take on building a good relationship, is to just be a gentleman. Open doors, be nice, show respect, and mostly ensure you hold your woman up as your queen.

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spanish16 34 M
2  Articles
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder   10/16/2014

All women should realize they are all beautiful in their own way. And when that is not only realized by women and men, relationships would strive..

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