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Professional goals first before having any committed relationships.   13/3/2014

Until you have succeeded in establishing your professional dreams, being where you want to be in your career, avoid having a girlfriend, avoid committed relationships.

Your commitments should be to you, and you only. There is specifically a time to be selfish. Embrace this time.

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First meeting advice to keep in mind..   17/2/2014

-Never tell women, other women don't want you.

- Don't date single mothers. Her problems become your problem. Exception: You just dream of the day you can take care of another mans responsibility.

- Anything you tell a woman in confidence, can and will be used against you at an appropriate time for her in the future.

- Boyfriends are only place holders for someone ...

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You want a relationship..   17/2/2014

If you want a relationship with the woman at some point in the future, never try to be friends with her first. Let her know you are sexually interested in her.

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Meeting and Dating online does not exist.   17/2/2014

Get them offline as quick as possible for best results. Inform them they have a maximum of 5 days to make a decision to meet you, as you do not want to waste time online. Suggest a meeting today or tomorrow.

By doing that, you have now placed yourself above the "Online competition".

First meeting is not a date. This only an introduction and should really be no longer than one ...

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If you are attracted ...   17/2/2014

...and they say anything about being friends, being just friends, friends first, then walk away. They are not attracted to you.

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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silence   10/2/2013

if we say just to lie to our conscience, we better not say anything. speech problem is easy, the humans were given time only about 2 yrs to learn to talk. but had to wait more than 70 yrs to silence...

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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Honestly   10/2/2013

Honestly, I really like you. I love all of you that is in you, your smile, your eyes, also concern you. But one thing I do not like. is your girlfriend!!!

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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message   10/2/2013

With the thumb immediately launch a message to a my beloved side.

"Honey, here miss the rain. Heart shivering harder. Please send help. A piece of love and a cup of warm smiles. "

An hour passed, two hours passed. Thumb still patiently waiting for a reply. Suddenly the phone was surprised to receive a message. Then I opened the message slowly.

And from ...

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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never regretted   10/2/2013

never regretted late saturday night just because you are a single, one day we will surely feel how precious night of the week if we're working overtime

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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choosing   10/2/2013

Grieving with the right person better than happy with the wrong people. Be thoughtful about choosing within !!...

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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the quality   10/2/2013

Do not ever be ashamed of your appearance. Your appearance may be a concern of a second. But after that, the quality of mind and heart will take over care. Improve the quality of thoughts, words and actions

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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TAKE IT EASY!   10/2/2013

Thinking that all things must work right will only make you frustrated. Likewise, if you require that everyone agrees with you. your wish will not always you get. TAKE IT EASY!

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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mistakes   10/2/2013

All human beings equal, certainly make mistakes. It turns out that happier and quickly find a solution that fixes are brave to admit mistakes and take responsibility for his mistakes...

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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discuss ?   3/2/2013

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

is true or not ?...

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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a fresh start   2/2/2013

A wise man said, "Better made light a candle. Than to curse the darkness". for a fresh start, be the first to forgive ourselves and others, and stop condemning many disappointments. forgive and go forward with confidence. When we forgive and comfortable with ourselves, we think and act more clean and positive...

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Jessy_Jasinta 48 F
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boss   2/2/2013

Whoever your boss, whatever the attitude of your boss, if you basically do not like at lead others, you will not like any boss. Not all bosses would be nice. But they are still boss. Remember, one of your preparation to be a leader is willing to be led.

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sabekking 21 M
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Beat Tough Times with Local Sniper   14/12/2012

These days, the economy just isn't what it used to be. People all over are losing jobs. Money is getting harder to come by, and people are having a lot of trouble keeping their heads above water. Bills are piling up and everything is getting more and more expensive. So many people wish they could get ahead. You can, with Local Sniper.

Local Sniper is a great piece of Software that ...

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fahd122 38 M
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Invite a friend   11/10/2012

Human relationships between men and women is a chemical interaction Baolga biotransformation is built on passion and instincts emotion customize result Tamra this relationship and called love child or child be a symbol of certificate physical and psychological relationship.

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remyfater 25 M
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Honest   13/7/2012

Be faithful girlfriend and every now and then and do not hurt or betray.

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odette317 51 F
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Love Me For A Reason   16/6/2011

Don't love me for fun Let me be the one Love me for a reason Let the reason be LOVE. ...

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debutanteBaltimr 55 M
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Get Your Profile Viewed by 200+ Members per Week   22/12/2010

Perhaps you have noticed pics of the "Most Popular Members" on friendfinder and wondered just how they managed to be selected. Perhaps the members generally find themselves selected without really trying. Maybe some of them just have that on-line "swagga". It certainly ought to be a lot easier to be the popular person on the block in a virtual world than it is in real ...

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wander_in_star 60 M
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Two more homeless bodies found   16/12/2010

Yesterday, I learned that two more homeless men's bodies where found in one of the canals here. That brings the death count this year to 17. The homeless population does think that there are a group of people killing the homeless here. The newspaper isn't paying much attention to this fact. It maybe because it looks like the county commissioners want to drive all the homeless out of the ...

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wander_in_star 60 M
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Bethyl and the Draggon Dagger Proof   8/2/2010

I am one step close to being published. They are sending me a proof copy of my book. It should be here by February 22.

It has been a learning process. When I first tried to submit it I sent them a copy of it from my flash drive. Now Flash drives store things in document form. I had to send them a pdf file. I was able to do the conversion on line for free. Then I get a message from them ...

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jaymin 50 M
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KEEP THE SPARK   21/11/2009

Good Morning...!! And thank you very much for giving me this chance to speak to you. This day is about you, as you all, who have come here, leaving every comfort of your homes (or in some cases discomfort), to become something in your life. I am sure you are excited. There are few days in human life when one is truly elated.

When you were getting ready today, you felt a tingling in your ...

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wander_in_star 60 M
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Would you have gone to it?   5/9/2008

While I was doing my laundry they had the story on the TV news. Now if I hadn't seen it myself I would have thought that it was just an urban legend.


ST. JOSEPH TOWNSHIP, Mich. - It generally has flowers, and a clergyman is often present, but this was a first for a local funeral home. Jason and Rachael Storm held their wedding at ...

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Honesty2fun 26 F
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how do you think i should do it?   10/7/2008

Hey everybody, ... or should it be First i have to say the person who thought of doing this site for people for free is like an angle, thank you. Well it's a number of questions, i'll through them all together. I'm someone who so much beleives that when you have good feelings towards anyone just let them out and i do that alot. It hasn't been that much of a problem, sometimes girls ...

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JKH_54 60 M
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The Truth of the Matter !   9/6/2008

I learned at the early age of 25 that people you care most about in life are taken from you way too soon and all the less important ones just never go away.

And the real pains in the ass are permanent.

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kevin2260 34 M
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A Redeeming, Healing Fellowship   19/2/2008

A redeeming, healing fellowship For reading & meditation: Hebrews 10:19-25 "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another '" (v.25)

Yesterday we ended with the thought that the very first thing we ought to do when seeking to break out of the vicious circle of doubt is to go to the house of God. The psalmist has been prevented ...

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inyotree1 43 M
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Too many men, too few women?   1/1/2008

In my observations of the Friendfinder websites, it seems like there are too many men and too few women.

Also, there seems to be a lot of inactivity in the profiles. I only look at female profiles, but I noticed that a lot of women have not visited in more than three months. Have they found their match? Have they given up on Friendfinder?

Are women being hounded by the men? ...

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debutanteBaltimr 55 M
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Top BLING!   27/11/2007

Tell me what you think about this bling: . (It's a woman's from the back!) Do you LIKE it? I would like to see become the most popular bling! Will you HELP me? Just type in bling 2641 between the brackets in all of your blog posts.

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Smalltown_Guy2 39 M
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10 Secrets To Successful Online Dating   24/6/2007

1. Be upfront and honest about your intentions. Let each other know exactly what your looking for in a relationship. That way you are both on the same page.

2. Have open and honest communication. Do not hide things from each other. They will come back to haunt you later. Besides, what is a relationship without good communication?

3. Don't have ...

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terryaki 61 M
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Trying too hard!   20/2/2007

I have heard, this advice, from married people, that I am trying too hard to find a partner. They say that if I stop looking, finding the right partner, will happen, like fate! Perhaps you have heard this advice too, since you are on a dating site. Can you try too hard? Is is better to stop looking and just make yourself available?

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succi33 33 F
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i like or i don t like   13/2/2007

from the moment i start chatting, i notice one sad thing: people seems to know excactelly what they don't like, but do they know what they like? its is easy to register on a dating site and get to meet as much people as u want, it is fun, and everytime u notice that u don't like something about somebody, that a good reason to get reed of him or her, up to the feel like a king's ...

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debutanteBaltimr 55 M
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Can You Afford This High Maintenance Relationship?   28/12/2006

Once you try this, you'll fall in love instantly and never want to let go. But if uou don't give up this relationship soon, you will lose everything that you own if you are lucky, and you will lose your life if luck is not with you. The first time you try it, you know that you have found your one true love. But then you let everything else in your life slip by and before you know it, you ...

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jaymin 50 M
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Dealing with Anger (Spiritual View)   28/10/2006

Anger analyzed Dealing with its Effects From a Spiritual Point of View
1. Anger Is an Emotion Anger is an emotion arising in our mind triggered when we are faced with a problem we cannot easily resolve or when our desires are thwarted Other people do not cause our anger–our reaction to others' actions can be ...

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1Brazilianguy 55 M
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O cara faz um esforço desgraçado para ficar rico pra que? O sujeito quer ficar famoso pra que? O indivíduo malha, faz exercícios pra que? A verdade é que é a mulher o objetivo do homem. Tudo que eu quis dizer é que o homem vive em função de você. Vivem e pensam em você o dia inteiro, a vida inteira. Se você, mulher, não ...

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The problem of mathematics.   21/9/2006

There was a professor of mathematics.He use to believe upon his mathematical skills and nothing else. One day he was out of his house along with his family doing tracking.He had three kids and his wife accompanying him. They reached a river; before crossing it he took the depth of the river from 5-6 different places and calculated the average depth to be 4'1"( four feet one inch ).Then ...

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the myth of a green card   29/8/2006

People in europe and US think that, we Indians talk to them for finding an opportunity of obtaining the Green-Card. It is not true. Many Indians are returning back, they go and come back, most of them.India is undergoing a transition phase of reforms.Had we checked our population we would have been different.Things are changing, and will lead to a reverse situation in near future. All ...

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RandyTeacher 58 M
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Sending the first e-mail: Getting Attention   22/8/2006

In the world of online dating, you have about 10 seconds to make a good first impression, so good writing skills can really make your correspondence sparkle.
You've found a profile and you'd like to contact him/her. It may not be your first connection at this website, but without the right opening line, it could be more difficult to get a response. So how do you make contact ...

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kerrickter 44 M
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How to eat a brownie   18/7/2006

How to eat a brownie.
1. Cut brownie in pan. 2. Remove brownie place on plate. 3. Use hands to break a piece off. 4. Place piece in mouth. 5. Chew.
See also How to Drink Milk...

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kerrickter 44 M
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How to eat a cookie   13/7/2006

How to eat a cookie.
1. Get a bag of cookies, place on table. 2. Go to washroom, wash hands. 3. Open bag with clean hands. 4. Take 1 (one) cookie, and place it in mouth. 5. Chew. 6. Swallow. 7. Repeat until stomach is full or bag of cookies is empty.

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artichokie 33 M
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test   11/7/2006

:> /:>

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art4all2 45 M
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Squeaky Wheels   2/1/2006

It has been said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Don't know about anyone else, but if a wheel starts squeaking it's too late. It needs replacing (well at least the bearings do). <br> If we properly maintained people relations at any level (personal to work related) in the first place there would be no contentious squeaky wheels to deal with.

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art4all2 45 M
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One of those things to try to live by   29/9/2005

If you don't have anything nice to say to somone say something nice to them anyway. It's hard but it will help realize a better person in you and others.

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abaiku 38 M
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should christian couple keep diaries?   29/9/2005

the question as to whether christian couples shoul keep seperate diaries is messing up many marriages and probable ones.would youmsugest that uit be done?

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art4all2 45 M
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Fair Weathered   14/9/2005

One should not be so embittered by fair weathered friends. Like the monarch butterfly there is a reason for their journey. If we tied them down they would cease to be who they are. They gave us a time of joy. What more do you want? Set them free and let them be who they need to be. Only then will you realize what true friendship you've achieved.

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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
You only get what you give!   9/3/2005

You can rest assured that you will only get out of a relationship what you are willing to put into it. <br> Of course I am assuming that you are really wanting a true relationship with another person. <br> This extend to friendship to as well as a Love relationship. Just because you enter into a relationship there are really no boundries. Everything you put in to it ...

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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
Never Date Your Best Friends Ex   6/3/2005

Never date your best friends ex, You have to rember who do you turn to when your so called new found love breaks your hert? Who do you poor your heatr out to when your lonley and cant find a date? Who do tell some of your most kept secrets? who do you barrow money from to pay a bill? Who do you call when your car want start? And who will help pick you up when the world slaps you down? ...

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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
Just Laugh   2/3/2005

I know that these times are hard on some people and that we all have our problems. The pressure of just every day life sometimes can be overwhelming and we get down and out, Let alone try to find that one person to share these times with. <br> Just take a min. every day and laugh.. It dose a body good. I know that this sounds weird but I do believe that you need to relieve stress ...

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ketch54 54 M
35  Articles
Head vs Heart   24/2/2005

There is no easy answer when it comes to this battle through out life. <br> There are some men and woman who are players and are after the conquest, to add to there ego or what ever. <br> I would like to think that we all use our hearts when we are looking at a relationship, but as many of us know that this is not always the case. We have all been in this situation ...

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Sweetnsassygurl 47 F
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Do men like it if a woman makes the first move?   17/1/2005

I would like any males input into this question please. If a woman is interested in a guy and thinks the feeling might be mutual is it too forward to ask him out? How would you men feel if someone asked you out?

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Sweetnsassygurl 47 F
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Have a question   17/12/2004

What types of things do you guys do to show a gal you are interested in them? What does a lady do if she is interested in someone, he seems interested but he seems shy? Any suggestions?

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Sweetnsassygurl 47 F
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Dating Etiquette?   10/12/2004

If you start dating someone a week or two before Christmas is it appropriate to buy that person a gift? Since you don't know the person very well what would be something to get?

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Sweetnsassygurl 47 F
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Question to all.   3/12/2004

Lets say you have corresponded through emails, moved to the phone then have arranged your first face to face meeting. Your have 'clicked' while online and chatting on the phone. This to me says that you like their personality. On your face to face meeting you don't feel a physical spark but continue with the date, have some laughs and enjoy yourself. Do you see that person again to see ...

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Sweetnsassygurl 47 F
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Where is the best place to meet new people?   26/11/2004

I was wanting any input on the best places to meet new people other than a bar/pub/club?

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Gary2277 36 M
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If you're looking for a relationship online...   30/5/2004

If you're looking for a relationship... <br> I'd suggest trying to chat with women over the instant messengers, make sure you have your profile filled in and I'd say DONT put up your pic on the profile, let them get to know you first, good things come to those who wait, lol. <br> Check their profile! Message her with something you have in common, or heck just just ...

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thehuntress1 36 F
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Lost for answers..........   19/5/2004

i am a smart good looking women but cant find love. WHY? always looking in the wrong place? maybe but dont know where else to look. does anyone else know. I dont ask much just humor, trust and honesty. Yet no one can seem to stand by it. Why? still cant figure out but i am not the only one who feels this way. i am sure many more do. If you find the answers let me know and ill do the same ...

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cliff342 38 M
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I met a woman a little over a year ago. We hit it off immediately as very best of friends. Every time it seems we are getting to be more than friends, then either she or I seems to back down a little. I am 38 and she is 23, and I think this may be the reason why we do this. We are both kind of worried about the age difference, and the fact that she is just finishing college, and I am ...

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IrcGuru 38 M
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PURE LOVE!   22/5/2000

Most of my life I have been an outsider and yet I have learned from my experiences and others what true love is. The most purest love is unconditional love. You may be asking me what do I mean by unconditional love? When I say unconditional love, I mean no strings are attached. Perhaps, we should go more in-depth and explain what no strings attached means. We will first go into explaining ...

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xmiddy 39 M
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Do you think that   18/4/2000

What does everyone think about individuals that get so rouled up at a "bad/good call" in todays sports, that he/she just goes into a serious debate with anyone and everyone around them. Alcohol may add to the outlandishness, but is has been noticed even on the most sober moments of there tirads.

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xmiddy 39 M
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Is Communication more than one on one interaction.....YES, it's the key to happiness.   16/1/1998

Communication is the key to our interaction with others. <P> It makes the difference between whether we understand or misunderstand, whether we feel understood or misunderstood. <P> But communication is much more than learning a language. It involves words, yes, but also unusual expressions, subtle nuances and verbal cues, like voice inflection, speed, volume, and pitch. Just by ...

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ewe 63 M
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CORNWALL PARK   11/1/1998

Cornwall park is in one of NZ biggest city's (Auckland) . It is easlily found as it fetures on all the tourist maps as well as local maps that are found around the city. Cornwall park has several fetures that can be used by any person, these are sports any and varied driving of motor vehicles to the top of the hill and lastly walks. Walking in the park would only be recomended for people during ...

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