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Trump Is Well Hes Just TrumpCivilized Civics Club0  0  2/7/2015
Happy Birthday to Eliana and Happy Ground Hog DayOF216  2  28/6/2015
Cruz Runs for PresidentCivilized Civics Club23  3  26/6/2015
For GOP Candidates High Court Decisions Helps ThemCivilized Civics Club0  0  26/6/2015
Supreme Court to Release Blockbuster DecisionsCivilized Civics Club2  1  26/6/2015
Jindal Joins the RaceCivilized Civics Club2  0  24/6/2015
Have Republican Supply Sider Governors Boxed Themselves in?Civilized Civics Club3  0  11/6/2015
Americas Failed Cuban Policy Finally to ChangeCivilized Civics Club12  0  16/4/2015
American Courts Work Just Fine for Terror Cases Thank You.Civilized Civics Club12  0  8/4/2015
Deal or No Deal?Civilized Civics Club7  0  3/4/2015
Religious Freedom Laws Explode In GOPs FaceCivilized Civics Club8  1  2/4/2015
Bibis Stunning Victory Bodes Ill For Future of U.S.-Israeli Relations.Civilized Civics Club4  0  18/3/2015
The Republican Senate LetterCivilized Civics Club3  0  16/3/2015
Bad Week for DemsCivilized Civics Club7  0  7/3/2015
Democrats Rescue Boehner from yet Another EmbarrassmentCivilized Civics Club4  1  3/3/2015
Boehner and Bibis Disgraceful Speech GambitCivilized Civics Club7  1  3/3/2015
Another Bush ?Civilized Civics Club25  7  28/2/2015
He Did Live Long and ProsperTelevision/Movies7  0  28/2/2015
First timesOF231  1  25/2/2015
Rudy Gulianis Continued 911 Derangement Syndrome.Civilized Civics Club10  0  24/2/2015
Tag Youre ItOF224  3  20/2/2015
Jindal Goes Off the Deep EndCivilized Civics Club12  2  2/2/2015
Mitt Throws his Worn Hat Into the RoomCivilized Civics Club24  4  30/1/2015
Is it Time to Stick a Fork in the State of the Union?Civilized Civics Club8  0  21/1/2015
Once Again Time For Bruceys NFL Playoff (Mis) PicksOmaha Friends13  3  17/1/2015
I am new here,England49  0  16/1/2015
I am new here,England12  0  16/1/2015
Vampire Movies....Television/Movies15  1  14/1/2015
French Newspaper Attacked by ExtremistsCivilized Civics Club10  2  8/1/2015
Boehner Wins Another Term as House SpeakerCivilized Civics Club6  2  8/1/2015
GOP House Leader Scalise In Trouble for Speaking to White Supremacist GroupCivilized Civics Club15  3  3/1/2015
One in a theater, one on dvd and one on tv.Television/Movies7  0  27/12/2014
North Korea Threatens to Attack the U.S. Mainland Over Hacking ChargesCivilized Civics Club9  1  23/12/2014
whats upIslam7  0  23/12/2014
Normalizing ties with Cuba .Civilized Civics Club21  5  21/12/2014
Giving in .Civilized Civics Club9  2  20/12/2014
not worth looking at. im just testing.Cedar Rapids babyyyyyyy5  1  13/12/2014
The Marginalization of the Left and RightCivilized Civics Club3  0  13/12/2014
EITs Report , a double edge sword .Civilized Civics Club7  2  13/12/2014
Will Mid Terms Spell Disaster for Dems?Civilized Civics Club20  4  25/11/2014
whats in ur profileCedar Rapids babyyyyyyy16  2  22/11/2014
whats in ur profiles.e. iowa ppl's14  3  14/11/2014
the source of my credoCedar Rapids babyyyyyyy0  0  14/11/2014
the source of my credos.e. iowa ppl's3  0  14/11/2014
8 Cures for Ebola the Media is Not Talking AboutAlternative Medicine1  0  13/11/2014
Hi: i just joined recently.Cedar Rapids babyyyyyyy6  0  11/11/2014
Hi: i just joined recently.s.e. iowa ppl's3  0  11/11/2014
Discount Online Shopping at Buy1Get1.infriends6  0  29/10/2014
The Phenomenal Growth of IslamIslam10  0  16/10/2014[View All]

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