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In Five Years   by FF Members

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Five years from now, I see myself still in Amsterdam. I moved at the beginning of this year, and just fell head over heels in love with the city: right now I’d be happy never to leave! I have plans, of course: I see myself growing in my work. I’d like to drift from the production to the management area, where I truly believe I’ll find success. And of course, I’d like to think I’ll find that special person in my life. Where, I have no idea, but surprises are welcome . . . .


In five years I just want to be content with life. I have plans: I’m looking forward to moving to the wilderness and to creating my own little nature retreat and hide-away, but first I have to find the partner I have been looking for to share it with! I’m hoping to rescues and tend to animals there, creating a home for unwanted and discarded pets who’d otherwise be put down. This would be wonderful, and this is my dream.


Five years from now I see myself happily married to a good man. I’ll have met him on line on FriendFinder! We live in a beautiful home near the beach, and are hopelessly in love with each other. We are best friends, lovers, confidants and companions. We travel together to the beautiful places, and visit our families and friends. We enjoy active, healthy lifestyles and exercise to stay younger and attractive. I like to take long walks with him while holding hands and talking about everything.

Also, in five years, I'll be working as a counselor after finishing my master's and getting a license. I love my job and use all my abilities, experience and professional training to help my clients. My husband has a great career of his own and we are supportive and proud of each other's achievements.
Our life will be filled with love, joy and peace for many years to come. Life is too short to be unhappy!

Well, I own my own business with my father so hopefully we'll still just be in business in five years! I’m not worried, though: so far it looks good. Personally, I hope to own my own house in five years (I know; it’s not a giant dream by most of the country's standards but in California it's akin to striking the gold they used to find around here.)
At this time in my life I'm looking to share with someone special with whom to share both the funny days and sometimes the not so funny ones. I'm not getting my hopes up though; lately I've come to realize that I don't really fit in with California so much. Camping, dirt bike riding, and especially hunting are pretty close to strictly verbotten in this state, and most of the women here seem to feel the same. It’s too bad, as I'm a very down to earth, funny, easy going, and respectful kind of guy. Well, maybe in the next life!

In five years I plan on working only ten hours a week. I want to spend three months each winter somewhere warm and keep in touch with the office on my laptop. My next big project is to play guitar in a band. I started playing the guitar last year and I would get a big kick out of playing in a band and writing songs. It’s something a little different but I like to think that everyone is the actor, producer and director of a movie in which they


I plan to purchase a chunk of land above Sacramento on which to build my dream home. I've been saving and planning for 8 years, and it's all coming together now. I'm looking for 2 acres to build on. I have the plans for a two car garage with a two bedroom apartment above with provisions for expansion later. There is only one problem -- that I am alone and desire a woman to share the coming times with! I’m sure she’s out there, though. It's going to be an undertaking but I believe it will be great fun and a labor of love.

What about you? Where do you see yourself in five years? Let the rest of us know by clicking below . . .