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ONE NEGATIVE THOUGHT. 111 May 25 10:03 am
No.1 Blogger
by  Veer__19    32M
TOP 10 FAKE HANDLES & ABUSERS 154 May 25 6:51 am
Your Behaviour is Not appropriate ... .. (I refer to YOU only) 261 May 24 9:26 am
My Blog
by  Dahlia2017    27F
Woman Refuses to Leave Her Paralyzed Fiancée and Vows to Take Care of Him for the Rest of His Life! 252 May 23 9:44 pm
Manchester hit by terror ..that too, a 22 year old 282 May 23 8:01 pm
2 sisters hit by car and survive by miracle 255 May 23 7:26 pm
My Blog
by  Dahlia2017    27F
You are a true friend just like a STAR!!! 340 May 23 5:28 am
My Blog
by  Dahlia2017    27F
A true example of a loving mother..,Single mum raises disabled son to become Harvard law student 313 May 23 2:55 am
Don't Blame the Psychopath.. !!!! 370 May 22 8:44 pm
My Blog
by  Dahlia2017    27F
Damn you, Daisy!!! 491 May 22 2:34 am
Crushed to death by an Elephant... 514 May 21 3:26 pm
Beware of sea lions.. .. beware of all animals 504 May 21 1:49 pm
Lets Pray.... 840 May 19 6:36 pm
My Blog
by  Dahlia2017    27F
A poem!!!! 749 May 19 11:06 am
My Blog
by  Roger_Moore01    51M
MESSAGE TO CINDER AND YSA 661 May 19 8:55 am
My Blog
by  Dahlia2017    27F
Vases placed by teapots and cups!!!! 692 May 19 8:32 am
My Blog
by  Dahlia2017    27F
What does the abbreviation "LOL" mean??? Is it appropriate to use the abb anytime while chatting? 817 May 18 11:39 am
"A human being........ '' by a. Einstein 921 May 18 10:30 am
Our Deepest Fear.... 921 May 18 9:38 am
"Carefully Watch your Thoughts,........ 904 May 18 9:28 am

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