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(Raoul W)
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3/4/2008 12:26 pm

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3/7/2008 12:27 pm

Who is the Handsomest US President?

Who do you think is the most attractive president of the United States of America? (You can ONLY vote for gentlemen who have ALREADY been presidents, NOT those who are running for president. Sorry. You can NOT vote for Hillary here!)
Jefferson Davis
Ronald Reagan
John F. Kennedy
William Jefferson Clinton
Richard Nixon
James Buchanan
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
other (Pllease specify in feedbax)

Send me an email if you can help me out with this project

(Nanc B.)

3/4/2008 1:05 pm

John F. Kennedy..hands down! Woooo~hoooo!! But..if I COULD vote for
a current president as well..Barack Obama Hillary just doesn't "do
it" for me ha!ha!

Pets leave their
on ourforever.

Flibberdigibit 47F
3083 posts
3/4/2008 9:36 pm

Definately Bill Clinton!

explourer 48F
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3/7/2008 11:55 am

John.F.Kennedy....and I love the name too..

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